John Richason/Richardson
of Waterbury, Connecticut, d. 1712.

Date of birth: 15 April 1672.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of death: 17 October 1712.
Place of death: Recorded at Waterbury.
[Waterbury, CT Vit. Rec., 1: 114, FHL film #6,111]

Father: Thomas Richardson.
Mother: Mary _____.

A single page in the Waterbury Vital Records give John "Richason" as a son of Thomas Richason, and gives his death date, the dates of both marriages, the names of the fathers of both wives, death dates for both wives, and birthdates of the children by both marriages [Waterbury Vit. Rec., 1: 114, FHL film #6,111].

(1) m. Waterbury, CT, 22 April 1701, Ruth Wheeler, d. 10 February 1701[/2].

(2) m. Waterbury, CT, 13 January 1702/3, Elizabeth Richards, b. July 1675, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, d. 23 May 1750?

Child by Ruth Wheeler:

Ruth Richason, b. 10 February 1701[/2], living 4 December 1750;
m. (1) John Hill;
m. (2) Moses Doolittle.
[John Hill as 1st husb.: Hist. Waterbury, CT, 526, original source not known to me] Mary Doolittle wife of Moses Doolittle was living on 4 December 1750, when the estate of her brother John Richardson was distributed.

Children by Elizabeth Richards:

son (twin), b. 4 September 1703, d. 1112 September 1703, rec. at Waterbury.

daughter (twin), b. 4 September 1703, d. 1112 September 1703, rec. at Waterbury.
One of the twins d. 11 the other 12 September, but which was which is not recorded.

Elizabeth Richardson, b. 5 October 1704, rec. at Waterbury, d. 11 October 1773;
m. Waterbury, 26 July 1732, Nathaniel Arnold Jr., bp. Feb 1703/4, d. 12 May 1777.
[mar. & deaths: Waterbury Vit. Rec., 1: 269, FHL film #6,111, giving Elizabeth as dau. of John]

Mary Richardson, b. 14 February 1706/7, rec. at Waterbury, d. bef. 4 December 1750;
m. Waterbury, 9 May 1728, Nathan Prindle, d. 8 July 1746.
[mar. & his d.: Waterbury Vit. Rec., 1: 181, FHL film #6,111] Mary Prindle was deceased on 4 December 1750, when the estate of her brother John Richardson was distributed [see below].

Sarah Richardson, b. 20 April 1710, rec. at Waterbury;
Samuel Weed, b. 18 July 1704, rec. at Derby.

John Richardson, b. 5 May 1713, rec. at Waterbury, d. bef. 28 November 1749.
John Richardson/Richason died before 28 November 1749, on which date Nathaniel Arnold of Waterbury was granted the administration of John Richardson of Waterbury, deceased (called John Richason in the inventory) [Woodbury, CT Probate Register 3: 14, FHL film #6,172]. On 4 December 1750, the estate was distributed to the four sisters of the deceased and their offspring, namely to Ruth wife of Moses Doolittle, Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel Arnold Jr., the offspring of Mary Prindle late of Waterbury, and the offspring of Sarah Weed late of Waterbury [ibid.].

Reference abbreviations

Hist. Waterbury, CT = Henry Bronson, History of Waterbury, Connecticut (Waterbury, 1858).

Waterbury, CT to 1895 = Joseph Anderson, The Town and City of Waterbury, Connecticut, from the Aboriginal Period to the year eighteen hundred and niney-five (3 vols., New Haven, 1896).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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