Eleanor/Helen _____
wife of Henry Dickinson.

Ellinor Dicconson is named as mother of the testator in the will of Catherine Sharpe, dated 6 September 1602, who was a daughter of Henry Dickinson. Ten years later, Henry's wife Helen was buried at Hackness (see below). Since Eleanor and Helen/Ellen are variants of the same name, it is assumed here that they were the same woman, rather than being two different wives of Henry Dickinson.

Date of birth or baptism: say 1556.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.
This estimate assumes that she was about eighteen years old at the birth of her first child about 1574, and forty-three at the birth of her youngest child in 1599. If Eleanor was in fact the mother of all of Henry Dickinson's children, this estimate could not be very far off.

Date of burial: 12 January 1612[/3].
Place of burial: Hackness, co. York.
Helen Dickinson is known only from the Hackness parish registers ["Helena Dickonson uxor Henrici Dickonson sen." Hackness PRT].

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Henry Dickinson, bur. Hackness, 6 August 1613.

The will of Catherine Sharpe (for which see the page of Henry Dickinson) proves that Eleanor was the mother of Catherine and all the younger children. It seems probable that she was the mother of the earlier children as well, although the large gap between the birth of Elizabeth and the second Margaret leaves open some doubt. For further details, including justification for two different daughters named Margaret, see the page of Henry Dickinson.

Elizabeth Dickinson, living 3 August 1613;
m. _____ Hinderwell.

Margaret Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 6 November 1575, living 6 January 1651/2;
m. Hackness, 15 June 1594, William Robinson.

Jane Dickinson, living 26 July 1613, perhaps bur. Hackness, 26 March 1622;
m. Hackness, 22 May 1599 Ingram Allanson.

Genett Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 14 September 1578, perhaps the same person as Jane.

Catherine Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 22 November 1580, d. 10 October 1602 2 April 1604.
m. Hackness, 20 January 1598[/9], Thomas Sharpe, of Hutton Bushel, d. 10 April 10 October 1602.

Henry Dickinson, of Stopebrowe, bp. Hackness, 3 March 1581[/2], bur. Fylingdales, 22 January 1664[/5];
m. Anne _____.

William Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 2 March 1585[/6], d. 12 January 1653[/4], bur. Hackness;
m. Hackness, 24 November 1607,
Emma Cowlson, bur. Hackness, ca. 1651/2.

Arthur Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 16 December 1588;
m. Hackness, 27 September 1613, Ellen Wansforth.

Thomas Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 7 November 1591, living 26 July 1613.

Anne/Agnes Dickinson, perhaps bp. Hackness, 22 October 1594, living 22 December 1664;
m. _____ Fox.

Margaret Dickinson, bp. 17 May 1599, living 3 August 1613.

Reference abbreviations

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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