Elizabeth _____
wife of Nathaniel Weed of Abbeville county, South Carolina.

The will of Elizabeth Weed, dated 14 October 1826, and proved 20 December 1826, mentioned her son grandson James Weed son of Nat. Weed (given notes held on George Penny, James C. Weed & Nat. Weed), sons-in-law John Pressly and Alexr. Davison, and son Nat. Weed, with John Pressly Esqr. and son Nat. Weed as executors [Abbeville co., SC Probate records, Box 97, Pack 2378, FHL film #181,725].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of death: 14 October × 20 December 1826.
Place of death: presumably Abbeville co., SC.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
As noted below, the claim that her maiden name was Wiseman is probably a mistake.

Spouse: Nathaniel Weed, b. say 1762, d. 16 March × 3 August 1818.

See the page of Nathaniel Weed for details.

Reuben Cooper Weed(e), b. 13 November 1786, d. 11 July 1866;
Lilias Baird, b. 12 February 1784, d. 22 July 1851.

Sarah Jones Weed, living 16 March 1818;
m. Alexander Davidson, of Newberry dist., SC.

Andrew Weed, b. say 1790, d. 5 May 1825, rec. at Hopewell Church, Preble co., OH;
m. Nancy Pressley.

Elizabeth Weed, b. SC, ca. 1793, living 1870, Boone co., IN;
m. Preble co., OH, 4 April 1816, John Pressley, d. bef. 1850.

Nathaniel Weed, b. SC, 8 September 1798, bp. Cedar Springs, SC, 14 October 1798, d. 14 July 1862, bur. Mt. Carmel cem., Marshall co., MS;
m. (1) Mary (Polly) Wiseman, b. SC, 22 April 1800, d. 18 May 1860, bur. Mt. Carmel cem., Marshall co., MS;
m. (2) Marshall co., MS (lic. 16 May 1861), Mary Ann Eason.

James Cooper Weed, bp. Cedar Springs, SC, 15 November 1801, living 1860, Carroll co., MS;
m. Savanah Rebecca Eskridge, b. SC, ca. 1811, living 1860.

Martha Crawford Weed, bp. Cedar Springs, SC, 15 November 1801, living 16 March 1818.

Elizabeth Weed's maiden name: probably not Wiseman

When searching genealogical databases on the Internet, one will often find Elizabeth's maiden name given as Wiseman. However, no good evidence has been found to support this name. In fact, what evidence I have been able to find strongly suggests that the name is a mistake that has arisen out of confusion. This is clearly indicated by the biography of Samuel Henry Weed (1843-1927) in the National Cyclopædia of American Biography. A grandson of Andrew and Nancy (Pressly) Weed, Samuel Henry Weed's biographical sketch gives his ancestry back to the immigrant ancestor Jonas Weed, with major errors with regard to the identity of some of the wives. In this sketch, the parents of Andrew Weed are given as Nathaniel Weed and Polly Wiseman [National Cyclopædia of American Biography 22: 132]. Now, Andrew's parents were named Nathaniel and Elizabeth Weed, but Polly is not a nickname for Elizabeth, and Andrew's brother Nathaniel Weed was married to a Polly Wiseman [Cent. Hist. ARP Church, 379]. The use of the wrong first name for Andrew's mother shows clearly that the wife of the younger Nathaniel was accidently named as the wife of the older Nathaniel. While we cannot rule out the possibility that both of the Nathaniels married women named Wiseman, that is not the most likely solution. It is much more probable that it is simply a mistake.

So, what was Elizabeth's maiden name? One fairly obvious name suggests itself, for two of Elizabeth's sons were given Cooper as a middle name. Thus, although we cannot be sure without further evidence, "Cooper" looks like a good candidate for Elizabeth's maiden name. Further research on this problem is needed.

Reference abbreviations

Abstr. Old 96 = Willie Pauline Young, Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds (Abbeville, 1950).

Cent. Hist. ARP Church = The Centennial History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church 1803-1903 (Charleston, SC, 1905).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 14 August 2011.