Elizabeth _____
wife of William Casse.

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of burial: 5 August 1634.
Place of burial: Brompton by Sawdon, co. York.
[Brompton PR]

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.


(1) Robert Casse, bur. Brompton, 11(?) February 1584[/5].

(2) m. Brompton, 12 May 1588, William Casse, of Sawdon, bur. Brompton, 7 August 1617.
[Brompton PR] See below for a transcript of William Casse's will. While Robert Casse did have a brother named William, he may or may not have been the same person as Elizabeth's second husband. There was more than one William Casse in the parish at the time.

Children by Robert Casse:
See the page of Robert Casse.

Gregory Casse, b. say 1576, living 3 August 1585.

Anne Casse, b. say 1578, living 3 August 1585.

Alice Casse, b. say 1580;
m. (1) Brompton, 19 November 1598, William Norrison, bur. Brompton, 20 January 1612[/3];
m. (2) Brompton, 12 November 1615,
William Carlill, bp. Brompton, 24 August 1588, bur. there 18 October 1639.

_____ Casse.

Children by William Casse:
[Brompton PR] See also the will of William Casse, transcribed below.

Margaret Casse, bp. Brompton, 4 September 1589;
m. Brompton, 30 November 1617, Richard Carlill.

Agnes Casse, bp. Brompton, 10 February 1592[/3];
m. Brompton, 24 May 1620, John Beriman.

Will of Elizabeth Casse of Sawdon, dated 25 July 1634, proved 8 May 1635.

In the name of God Amen The five and Twentith day of July Anno domini One thousand six hundreth thirty and fower: I Elizabeth Casse of Sawdon in the County of Yorke widdowe sicke in body but in perfect memorye thankes bee to God doe make and ordeine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge: First I give my soule to Almighty god my Maker and Redeemer: And my body to be buried in the Churchyard of Brompton And for my Temporall goods: I dispose of them as followeth: Imprimis I give to John Norrison Two Mattrices and a Coverlett: Item I give to Mary Carlill daughter of Richard Carlill Tenn shillings: Item I give to Elizabeth Beriman daughter of John Beriman a Cupboard and a Cawell: Item I give to Annas Beriman wife of John Beriman a Fetherbedd with bedstocks and a Coverlitt which haith beene Lent to Cover Corpes to the Church: And for all the rest of my goods unbequeathed my debtes payd my Legacyes fulfilled and my Funerall expences discharged I give and bequeath to John Beriman William Carlill and Richard Carlill my sonnes in Lawe whome I make Joynte Executors of this my last will and Testament In Witnes hereof I have sett my hand the day and yeare above written Witnesses hereof Rowland Sewell Clarke and Robert Meninthorpe(?). Proved 8 May 1635 by John Beriman, William Carlill, and Richard Carlill. [PCY 42: 506, FHL film #99,518]

Will of William Casse of Sawdon, dated 5 August 1617, proved 18 November 1617.

In dei nomine amen Anno domini One thousand six hundred and seaventene the Fift day of August in the Fiftenth yeare of the Reigne of our most dread sovereigne lord James by the grace of god Kinge of England Scotland Frannce and Ierland defender of the faith &c. I William Casse of Sawden in the parish of Brompton in Pickeringlith in the County of yorke husbandman sicke of body but whole in minde & of good perfect remembrance laud & praise be unto almighty god, doe make ordeyne and sett downe this my last will and testament in manner and forme followeinge that is to say First I give and bequeath my soul to almighty god the maker and creator thereof and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Brompton afforesaid and all my worldly goods moveable and unmoveable my debts paid my legasies and funerall expencs discharged I give and bequeath as hereafter followeth videlicet First I give and bequeath unto Margret Casse my daughter the Farme which I dwell in with all the appurtenances thereunto belongeinge Item I give unto Agnes Casse my other daughter two cottages in the same Towne with all that doth belonge unto them Conditionally that Elizabeth Casse my wife shall have all the afforesaid houses and land with the appurtenances thereunto belongeinge dureinge her liffe and then to goe unto my two daughters as is abovesaid Item I give unto Margrett my daughter one blacke meare and one Browne whie Item I give to my daughter Agnes one Gray Meare and one blacke [sic] Item I give to my daughter Agnes Tenn Ewes Item I give to Rowland Casse two children either of them one lamb Item to George Casse two children either of them one lambe Item I give to the use of the poore in the parish Five shillings Item I give to William Redhead of Brompton one Rudbrod(?) in Swann bottome and two in the hugh Feild and one in the Neither Carr for eight yeares Item I give to William Redheade And Francis Redheade either of them one mett of Bareley And the rest of my goods unbequeathed I doe give and bequeath unto my wife and two children whome I doe make my full and whole executors of this my last will and testament Witnesses William Redheade Ewestace Casse and John Walker. Proved 18 November 1617. [PCY 34: 753, FHL film #99,502]

Elizabeth and her two Casse husbands

The main point to be discussed here is why Elizabeth, mentioned as the wife of Robert Casse of Sawdon in his will dated 4 February 1584/5 [PCY 22: 644, FHL film #99,480; see the transcript on the page of Robert Casse], Elizabeth, mentioned as the wife of William Casse of Sawdon in his will dated 5 August 1617 [PCY 34: 753, FHL film #99,502; see transcript above], and Elizabeth Casse of Sawdon, whose will was dated 25 July 1634 [PCY 42: 506, FHL film #99,518, see transcript above], appearing in records spanning almost fifty years, were all the same person.

In addition to naming his wife Elizabeth, William Casse mentions two daughters Margaret and Agnes. The parish registers of Brompton show an excellent match with this, giving the marriage of William Casse and Elizabeth Casse on 12 May 1588, followed by the baptisms of two daughters of William Casse, Margaret on 4 September 1589 and Annas on 10 February 1592[/3] [Brompton PR]. The will of Elizabeth Casse names her sons-in-law John Beriman, William Carlill, and Richard Carlill (with John Beriman's wife being named as Annas). Two of these Casse marriages of these three men are easily located, for Richerd Carlill married Margarett Casse at Brompton on 30 November 1617, and John Berimane married Agnes Casse at Brompton on 24 May 1620. There are no other baptisms or marriages at Brompton for a Margaret Casse or for an Agnes (or Annas) Casse from the beginning of the registers until the marriage of and Annas Casse in 1634, thus clearly indicating that the wives of Richard Carlill and John Beriman were the same-named daughters of William Casse. Thus, the Elizabeth Casse who died in 1634 was the wife of the William Casse who died in 1617.

This leaves the third son-in-law of Elizabeth Casse, William Carlill. The wording of the will of William Casse suggests that he had no children other than Margaret and Agnes, for there is no trace of a son, and her refers to "Margret Casse my daughter" and "Agnes Casse my other daughter". Thus, William Carlill's wife was evidently a daughter of Elizabeth Casse by a previous marriage. The registers of Brompton show the marriage of William Carlill and Alce Norrison on 12 November 1615, followed by the baptism of Robert Carlill son of William Carlill of Sawdon on 13 March 1615[/6], showing that the bride was pregnant at the time of the wedding. The search for the baptism of a suitable Alice Norrison did not turn up any such baptism, but it did turn up the marriage at Brompton of a William Norison and Alce Casse on 19 November 1598, followed by the baptisms there of three children of William Norrison/Nurrison, and the burial there of William Nurrison on 20 January 1612[/3] [Brompton PR]. The will of William Nurrison turned up two more children [PCY ---, FHL film #99,498; see the transcript on the page of Alice Casse]. One of the children of William and Alice (Casse) Norrison, the posthumous son John, appears in the will of Elizabeth Casse. Thus, with a high degree of probability, William Norrison's widow Alice can be identified with William Carlill's wife Alice. If we allow that Alice Casse was about eighteen when she married William Norrison, then she would be about thirty-five years old at her second marriage, about eight years older than her twenty-seven year old second husband, William Carlill.

All of this points to Elizabeth having been previously married to another man named Casse, by whom she was the mother of Alice Casse, wife successively of William Norrison and William Carlill. This leads us to the will of Robert Casse in 1585, which mentions a wife Elizabeth and an underage child named Alice, and fits so well with the other records that it is unlikely to be a coincidence. Thus, Elizabeth, whose maiden name is unknown, was married first to Robert Casse, who died in 1585, and second in 1588 to William Casse, who died in 1617.

Reference abbreviations

Brompton PR = Parish registers of Brompton (by Sawdon), co. York, FHL film #573,986.

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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