Agnes _____
wife of _____ Miller.

On 4 March 1822, the administration of Agness Miller, deceased, late of Hunterdon county, New Jersey, was granted to John Bake [Hunterdon co., NJ Letters of Administration, 2: 106, FHL film #802,486]. On 4 September 1823, Andrew Jackle (or Jakle or Jakel), John Miller, Thomas Matthews and Margaret Mathews late Margaret Miller, Peter Miller Jr., Miller Cornell, William Cornell, John Cornell, Joseph Cornell, James Todd and Mary Todd his wife late Mary Cornell, and Jonathan Durr (or Dur or Deuer) appointed Peter Miller Sr. their lawful attorney to collect from John Bake, administrator of Agness Miller, deceased, all money and property due to them as her heirs at law [Hunterdon co., NJ Special Deeds 1: 382-4, FHL film #588,789]. On 20 November 1823, Peter Miller Sr. appointed James Todd as attorney to receive his part of the same estate [Hunterdon co., NJ Special Deeds 1: 384, FHL film #588,789].

Date of birth: say 1835.
Place of birth: Unknown.
With a son born about 1853, she must have been at an advanced age when she died. The estimate given would make her 18 at Peter's birth.

Date of death: bef. 4 March 1822.
Place of death: presumably Hunterdon co., NJ.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: _____ Miller.
The name of the husband of Agnes has been given as Jacob Miller, but on what evidence is unclear. The tax lists of Hunterdon co., NJ show a Jacob Miller in Lebanon tp. in 1778 and in Tewksbury tp. in 1779-80, 1785-6, and 1789-90 [Hunterdon co., NJ tax lists, FHL film #865,475]. Hunterdon county records show a Margaret Elizabeth Miller, widow of Jacob Miller of Tewksbury, on 3 June 1808 [Some Rec. Hunt. co., 155]. On 5 February 1817, a Jacob Miller (obviously a different man) appears as a trustee at the incorporation of the First Presbyterian Church "in Parkers Village on fox hill in Twixbery" [ibid., 24]. On 13 February 1821, the inventory was taken for the estate of Jacob Miller, late of Tewksbury tp., which included a large folio Dutch Bible and four other Dutch books [More Rec. Hunt. co., 2: 19]. However, I know of no evidence connecting this Jacob Miller to Agnes Miller, so this information might be a red herring.

Probable children:
The outline below can be deduced with reasonable probability from the list of heirs of Agnes Miller given in the above powers of attorney. The Cornells in the list of heirs were evidently the children of a known Cornell-Miller marriage in Hunterdon co., NJ, the marriage between William Cornell and Catherine Miller which took place in Amwell township in 1785. As noted below, William Cornell was born in 1762, putting him probably in the same generation as Peter Miller Sr., born about 1753. The wife of Andrew Jakle (Yeagley) was roughly the same age, born between 1760 and 1770 according to censuses. The other three Millers on the list of heirs were Peter Miller, John Miller, and Margaret (Miller) Matthews, who as a Fayette co., PA deed shows (see below), were the children of Andrew Miller, deceased. Thus, the best estimate would be that Peter Miller Sr., Catherine (Miller) Cornell, Sarah (Miller) Yeagley, and Andrew Miller were siblings and heirs of Agnes Miller, with Catherine and Andrew being deceased in 1823 and represented by their own heirs. Agnes was most probably their mother, although it is difficult on this evidence to rule out the possibility that she was an unmarried sister of Peter Sr., Catherine, Sarah, and Andrew. Obviously, better documentation for all of this would be desirable.

Peter Miller [Sr.], b. ca. 1753, d. 12 6mo. [June] 1838, bur. Center, Fayette co., PA;
m. Tacy _____, d. 23 11mo. [November] 1830, bur. Center.
[b.: aged 85 at death, acc. to Hist. Fayette co., PA, 619; deaths: Providence MM, PA abstracts, EAQG 4: 130] On 7 4mo. [April] 1788, Tacy Miller was received at the Rahway MM by a certificate from Shrewsbury [Cox-Rahway-Plainfield Rec., 70]. On 21 4mo. 1790, the Rahway Monthly Meeting in New Jersey granted a certificate to Tacy Miller [Rahway MM women's minutes, FHL film #17,347; Cox-Rahway-Plainfield Rec., 70], which was accepted at the Westland Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania on 28 8mo. 1790 [Westland MM, PA abstracts, EAQG 4: 49]. On 23 8mo. 1792, Peter Miller and his children David, Joseph, Ann, Margaret, Mary, and Tacy were received as members of the Westland Monthly Meeting [Westland MM, PA abstracts, EAQG 4: 49]. The will of Peter Miller of Washington tp., Fayette co., PA, dated 19 March 1836, and proved 19 June 1838, mentioned his son Joseph Miller (executor), his daughter Lucy Miller, his granddaughter Tacy Hoge, his daughters Margaret Sharpless, Ann Hoge, and Mary Durns, and his son David Miller [Fayette co., PA Will Book 2: 123, FHL film #861,067].

Catherine Miller, d. bef. 4 September 1823;
m. Amwell, Hunterdon co., NJ, 13 March 1785, William Cornell, b. 29 March 1762, living August 1832.
[mar.: Frazer's Mar., 223] In August 1832, William Cornell filed a Revolutionary War pension application stating that he was 70 years old on 29 March 1832 [Rev. War pension file #S22687]. Living in Hunterdon county at his enlistment in the Revolutionary cause, he moved to Fayette county, Pennsylvania in 1789, then back to Hunterdon county after one year, then back to Fayette county a year after that, where he was living when he made his pension application [ibid.]. The Cornells mentioned in the power of attorney to Peter Miller Sr. were evidently children of this marriage.

Sarah Miller, b. 176070, living 9 January 1832;
m. (1) _____ Davis;
m. (2) Amwell, Hunterdon co., NJ, 5 April 1787,
Andrew Yeagley, b. 17605, d. Fayette co., PA, 6 October 1832 7 November 1833.
The History of the Lincoln Family states that Andrew Yeagley's wife was Sarah Miller, with the source given as "Records of Mrs. Edmund Dunn" (a granddaughter of Andrew and Sarah Yeagley) [Hist. Lincoln Fam., 218]. Coming as it does from a granddaughter, this is good evidence for the maiden name of Andrew Yeagley's wife. Andrew Yeagley was the same person as the Andrew Jackle/Jakel/Jakle who gave power of attorney to Peter Miller Sr., Yeagley being an anglicization. Since one of Frazer's marriages records that Andrew Yoagley married Sarah Davis at Amwell of 5 April 1787 [Frazer's Mar., 228], Sarah must have had an earlier marriage.

Andrew Miller, d. bef. 30 April 1807;
m. _____.
On 14 April 1812, Peter Miller and Elizabeth his wife, John Miller, and Thomas Mathews and Margaret his wife sold to Thomas Davis some land which had been granted by patent on 30 April 1807 to Peter and John Miller in trust for the heirs of Andrew Miller, deceased [Fayette co., PA Deed Book I: 230, FHL film #863,553]. These people are the Peter Miller Jr., John Miller, and Thomas and Margaret Mat[t]hews who appear in the list of those who gave power of attorney to Peter Miller Sr. regarding the estate of Agness Miller.

The other heir:

Jonathan Duer (Dur, Durr).
Clearly, Jonathan Duer was among the heirs of Agnes Miller, but how is not clear. Some Internet sources would make him son of a Susannah Miller, daughter of Agnes, while others would have him married to a granddaughter of Agnes, but the evidence for these claims is unclear.

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