Sarah Miller
wife of Andrew Yeagley.

Date of birth: 176070.
Place of birth: Unknown.
She was aged 60-70 in the 1830 census [Andrew Yeagley, 1M60-70, 1F15-20, 1F60-70, 1830 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 202]. The 1810 census is ambiguous, with one woman each in the 26-45 and over 45 categories, so it is difficult to narrow down further [Andrew Yeagley, 3M<10, 1M10-16, 1M>45, 3F<10, 2F16-26, 1F26-45, 1F>45, 1810 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 110].

Date of death: after 9 January 1832.
Place of death: Unknown.
She was living when her husband wrote his will.

Father: _____ Miller.
Mother: Agnes _____, d. bef. 4 March 1822.

The History of the Lincoln Family states that Andrew Yeagley's wife was Sarah Miller, with the source given as "Records of Mrs. Edmund Dunn" (a granddaughter of Andrew and Sarah Yeagley) [Hist. Lincoln Fam., 218]. Coming as it does from a granddaughter, this is good evidence for the maiden name of Andrew Yeagley's wife. This is supported by her husband's appearance among the heirs of the Miller estate [see the page of Agnes _____].

(1) _____ Davis.

(2) Amwell tp., Hunterdon co., NJ, 5 April 1787, Andrew Yeagley, b. 17605, d. Fayette co., PA, 6 October 1832 7 November 1833.
["1787 April 5 Yoagley, Andrew, to Sarah Davis, Amwell." Frazer's Mar., 228]

See the page of Andrew Yeagley for details.

Margaret Yeagley, b. say 1789, living 9 January 1832;
m. _____ Drake.

Sarah Yeagley, b. NJ, ca. 1791, living 1850;
m. [George?] Oldshoe.

John Yeagley, b. say 1794, d. 9 January 6 October 1832;
m. ca. 1828, _____.

Henry Yeagley, b. NJ, 1 November 1797, d. Connellsville, PA, 18 June 1884;
m. Dunbar, Fayette co., PA, 10 June 1824, Phoebe Lincoln, b. 30 September 1806, d. Connellsville, 18 August 1884.

Elizabeth Yeagley, b. 8 September 1799?, d. 19 January 1865?;
m. 20 May 1819,
James Grimes, b. MD, 9 October 1799?, d. 12 October 1856, bur. West Liberty cem., Logan co., OH.

Mary Yeagley, b. say 1801, living 9 January 1832;
m. _____ Gelmer.

Andrew Yeagley, b. PA, ca. 1804, living 1860;
m. Catherine Dougherty, b. PA, ca. 1807, living 1860.

Martha Yeagley, b. say 1806, living 9 January 1832;
m. _____ McDonald.

Reference abbreviations

Frazer's Mar. = Marriages from Henry Race, "Rev. William Frazer's Three Parishes, - St. Thomas's, St. Andrew's, and Musconetcong, N.J., - 1768-70", Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 12 (1888): 212-232 (includes marriages and baptisms).

Hist. Lincoln Fam. = Waldo Lincoln, History of the Lincoln Family (Worcester, MA, 1923).

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