William Langdale
of Hackness, co. York, d. 1577.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of burial: 8 December 1577.
Place of burial: Hackness, co. York.
The burial record reads William Hangdalle in the published transcript of the parish registers, but there are no other Hangdalls in the register and this is about where we would expect to find the burial record of William Langdale [Hackness PRT].

Father: George Langdale.
Mother: Joan _____.

Spouse(s): Unknown.

The will of William Langdale, transcribed below, mentions these four children. They were all born before the Hackness parish registers begin.

George Langdale, bur. Hackness, 20 December 1606;
m. Hackness, 19 October 1578,
Margaret Dickinson.

Anthony Langdale, living 17 December 1606;
m. _____.
Anthony Langdale was mentioned in the will of his brother George Langdale on 17 December 1606, which also mentions unnamed children of Anthony Langdale..

Elizabeth Langdale, living 11 April 1592;
m. Hackness, 18 August 1573, Henry Braithwaite, bur. Hackness, 13 September 1599.
[Hackness PRT] Several children were baptized at Hackness in the period 1573-1592 [Hackness PRT].

Jane Langdale, living 27 August 1577;
[m. Henry Mathew?].
A Genett Langdalle was married at Hackness on 16 June 1578 to Henry Mathew [Hackness PRT], and this was perhaps the same person as Jane. The will of George Langdale in 1606 mentions a Mary Mathew. A Jane Mathew, widow, was buried at hackness, 20 August 1618 [Hackness PRT].

Will of William Langedaile of Hackness, dated 27 August 1577, proved 20 January 1577[/8].

In dei nomine amen wrytten the xxvijth daye of August Anno domini 1577 witnessethe that I william langedaile of hacknes within the countye of yorke yoman holle of mynd, and of good and perfyte Rememberannce, prased be god almyghtie, do Ordayne and maike this my last will and Testament in maner and forme followinge Fyrst I gyve and bequithe my soull unto almyghtye god my maker and Redemer Trustinge to be Saved Throughe his blood sheddinge, and to see the goodnes of the lord in the land of the lyvinge, and my bodye to be buryed in the churche earthe of Haicknes aforesaid Item I gyve and bequithe unto george langdaile my sonne one land sowne withe wheate called skotgayte land and to have and taike furthe of the barne so manye otts for his seeds as he shall nede to sowe this yeare Item I gyve and bequithe unto george langdaille and anthonye langdaile my wayne cowpe, ploughe, yoke and Teames with all other kinde of things which I have belonginge unto husbandrye, as selfes(?), axeltrees(?), wombles, axes, &c to be devided equallie betwixte them Item I gyve and bequithe unto anthonye langdale my sonne one graye nagge Item I gyve and bequithe unto Eliz. brathwaite my doughter one Cowe and one quarter of Ottes Item I gyve and bequithe unto barbarey brathwaite and katherine brathwaite either of them a lambe Item I gyve and bequithe unto Jane langdaile my doughter all my houshold stuffs within the house asswell brasse, pewther chists with all other wood vessell and Inplements whatsoever except all that is maide faste in the ground nailed or pynned not to be Taiken awaye nor stirred withe one litle syde borde and a furme, which I gyve unto my sonne george langdaille Item I gyve unto Jayne my doughter all my Cappons, hennes, and Cockes Item I gyve unto henrye Eshedaille one yewe Item I gyve and bequithe unto Richard langdaile my Brother one blacke white headed scotte, and to his children vjs viijd Item I gyve and bequith unto agnes daille and Jennet Eshedaill my systers either of them xijd Item I will desyre my Brother Richard and my Cosyne Guye langdaile to be the Supervisors of this my last will and Testament and to see the same performed and kepte in every poynte, and I gyve unto either of them for there paynes iijs iiijd Item gyve and bequithe unto Anthonye langdaile and Jane langdaile my two children all the Rest of my goods and cattells my debts paid my legacs fulfilled, and my funerall Expencs discharged whom I make my full and holle Executors Joyntlie Together of this my last will and Testament, witness[e]s hereof John Trowesdaille Robert applebie, and william hucheson. Proved 20 January 1577[/8] [PCY 21: 93, FHL film #99,478]

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