George Langdale
of Hackness, co. York, d. 1606.

Date of birth: Probably before 1550.
Place of birth: Unknown.
George Langdale appears regularly as a churchwarden for Hackness from 1568 to 1600 [Hackness PRT].

Date of burial: 20 December 1606.
Place of burial: Hackness, co. York.
[Hackness PRT]

Father: William Langdale, bur. Hackness, 8 December 1577.
Mother: Unknown.

m. Hackness, 19 October 1578, Margaret Dickinson, bur. Hackness, 11 November 1627.
[Hackness PRT]

All of the children except the two who died young are named in the will of George Langdale, transcribed below, and the baptisms of all but Joan and Margaret are in the Hackness registers [Hackness PRT, the source for the Hackness baptisms, marriages, and burials given here]. Some of them are also mentioned in their mother's will [transcribed on the page of Margaret (Dickinson) Langdale]. Further details are provided by the will of William Langdale, also transcribed below.

Joan Langdale, b. say 1579, bur. Hackness, 22 September 1579.

Thomas Langdale, bp. Hackness, 31 August 1580, bur. there 22 October 1638;
m. (1) Hackness, 2 October 1610, Priscilla Cowlson, bur. Hackness 13 February 1623[/4];
m. (2) Hackness, 2 October 1627, Ellen Sedman.

William Langdale, bp. Hackness, 2 February 1581[/2], bur. there 13 December 1612.

Elizabeth Langdale, bp. Hackness, 7 May 1585, bur. there 22 November 1652;
m. Hackness, 7 December 1607,
John Craven, d. 29 Septmeber 1661, bur. Hackness.

Zachary Langdale, bp. Hackness, 2 February 1587[/8], bur. there 13 November 1648;
m. Hackness 18 [October?] 1614, Barbara Cockerell, bur. Hackness, 23 September 1617.

Anne/Agnes Langdale, bp. Hackness, 6 August 1590;
m. Hackness, 27 April 1613, Christopher Court.
She appears as Anne in her baptism and marriage, as Agnes in her father's will.

Margaret Langdale, b. say 1592, bur. Hackness, 16 April 1623;
m. Hackness, 24 July 1614, Ingram Wansforth, bur. Hackness, 30 March 1623.

Henry Langdale, bp. Hackness, 17 May 1595, bur. there 12 August 1616.

Catherine Langdale, bp. Hackness, 20 January 1597[/8], presumably living 9 July 1637;
m. Hackness, 13 October 1624, William Trott, bp. Hackness, September 1596, bur. there 3 October 1652.
William Trott had children baptized at Hackness, 1625-37 [Hackness PRT]

George Langdale, bp. Hackness, 9 March 1599[/1600], bur. there 1 February 1637[/8];
m. Hackness, 17 November 1629, Jane Cockerill.

Janet/Jane Langdale, bp. Hackness, 8 August 1602, bur. there 18 November 1604.
Janet at her baptism, Jane at her burial [Hackness PRT].

Will of George Langdale of Hackness, dated 17 December 1606, proved 23 April 1607.

In the name of God Amen the xvijth day of December in the yeare of of [sic] our Lord god 1606, I George Langdale of Hacknes in the Countye of york yoman weake in body but servidge in mynde and of goode and perfect memory (god be praised) doe make and ordeyne this my last will and testament in manner and forme following that is to say Firste I Commend my soule into the hands of Almighty god my maker hopeinge assuredly throughe the onely Meritts of Jesus Christe my saviour to be made partaker of liefe everlastinge And I Commend my body to the earth whereof it is made. Item I give unto Margarett my wiefe (for and in Consideracion of bringing upp my Children) my two leases of west Crofts and Joyner Close for and dureing the tearme of seaven yeares (if shee <the said Margarett> soe longe live and Contynue unmarryed) Payeinge yearely dureinge the said tearme (yf shee live soe longe and Contynue unmarryed) the some of Twenty shillinges of Lawfull English Money besydes the Rent which she is yearely to pay unto the Landlord for the same which said some of Twenty shillings yearely to be paid as aforesaid I give as followeth (viz.) to Elizabeth Langdale my doughter the firste xxs To william Langdale my sonne the second xxs to Zachary Langdale my sonne the third xxs to Margarett Langdale my doughter the fourth xxs to Henry Langdale my sonne the fyfthe xxs To Kathereme Langdale my doughter the sixt xxs And to Georg Langdale my sonne the seaventh xxs Provyded alwayes that if the saide Margarett my wiefe shall either marry or departe this liefe before the end and determynacion of the foresaid tearme of seaven yeares, Then my will is that Thomas Langdale my sonne shall have the saide weste Crofts and Joyner Close for and dureinge all such tearme of yeares as shalbe to Come and unexpyred of the foresaide seaven yeares payeinge for the same as Margarett my wiefe should have done if shee had lived and Contynued unmarryed Item I give unto Thomas Langdale my sonne my whole estate tytle interest and tearme of yeares of and in the aforenamed west Crofts and Joyner Close which shalbe to Come and unexpyred after the expyraten of the foresaid tearme of seaven yeares The said Thomas Langdale as serveinge <kepeinge and> performeinge all such Condytens and Covenants as are Conteyned & specyfyed in the aforesaide Indentures And are to be observed performed and kept on the parte and behalfe of mee the saide George Langdale my Executors Administrators and Assignes And alsoe payeinge for the same as followeth (viz.) att his first entringe the foresaide Closes after the foresaide seaven yeares be expyred the some of Tenne pounds of Lawfull Englishe mony and att that tyme Twelven---th(?) xli lyke lawfull Englishe mony All which said some of Twenty pounds beinge to be payde within one yeare after his entring as aforesaide. I give unto William Langdale, Elizabeth, zacharie, Agnes, Margarett Henry Kathereme and George Langdale my Children to be equally devyded Emongst th[em] [ink spot]. Item my will is that Margarett my wiefe shall have the third parte of the aforesaide west crofte and Joyner Close dureinge her widoweheade after the expyracion of the aforesaide seaven yeares she the said Margarett payeinge yearely for the same unto Thomas Langdale my sonne his Executors or assignes the yearely Rent of six and twenty shillings and viijd good and Lawfull mony of England att the feaste of the Nativity of St. John Baptiste, and the Nativity of our Saviour Christe by even and equall porcions Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Langdale my daughter a peere tree Cubberd and the best bedstead soe as the said Elizabeth doe Marry with the Consent of Margarett Langdale her Mother, otherwise my will is that boeth this and the other Legacy of xxs shalbe voyde and the benefitt thereof redeimde to my other Children. Item I give unto Agnes Langdale my doughter anewe Cubborde of Oake upon the same Condytion I gave the other. Item I give unto Thomas Langdale my sonne twoe partes of all my husband geare. Item I give to the sayde Thomas my sonne twoe partes of my Callever with all the furniture thereunto belonging as also twoe partes of agreat stone troughe. And my will is that the said Oake table in the house and a paire of bedstocks shall remaine for heire Loomes. Item I give to the saide Thomas Langdale my sonne fower bushells of wheat of that which is newe sowne to be reaped the next harvest And alsoe my sadle and brydle. Item I give unto the right worshipfull Sir Thomas Posthumus Hoby Knight twoe of my best weathers. Item I give unto Mr. Richard Rhodes Preacher of gods word att Hacknes one wether. Item I give unto the Children of Anthony Langdale my brother every one of them A Gimmer Lambe. Item I give unto Anthony Langdale my brother my best Jackett. Item I give unto Robert Brathwaite Anthony Brathwaite and Mary Brathwaite every one of them a Gymmer Lambe. Item I give unto Mary Mathew A gymmer Lambe. The reste of my goodes unbequeathed as well of my owne third parte as of the reste my wiefe her parte deducted and Legacies and funerall expencs discharged I give unto William Langdale, Elizabeth Langdale, Zachary Langdale, Margarett Langdale, Henry Langdale, Agnes Langdale, Kathereme Langdale and George Langdale my Children And I make Margarett Langdale my wiefe sole Executrix of this my Laste will and Testament to whome I alsoe I Committ the tuition of all my Children. Item I make Robert Dickonson and Henry Eshdale supervisors of this my said last will and testament Theis beinge witnesses Richard Rhodes John Browne Henry Turner. Proved by Margaret Langdale on 23 April 1607.

Will of William Langdale of Hackness, dated 12 December 1612, proved 22 April 1613.

In the name of God Amen the xijth daie of December in the yeare of our lord god one thousand six hundreth and twelve I William Langdale of Hacknes in the Countie of Yorke, Joyner sicke of bodie but of good and perfect memorie (god be praised for it) doe make this my last will and testament in manner and Forme Followinge that is to saie First I bequeath my soule into the handes of Allmightie god lookeinge assuredlie to be saved by the meritts and righteousnes of my blessed Saviour and my bodie to be buried in the Church yeard of Hacknes and as for my worldlie goodes I thus dipose of them Inprimis I doe bequeath unto Margaret Langdale my mother Five markes Item I doe give unto Thomas Langdale my eldest brother xxs. Item I bequeath unto my sister Anne Langdale Fortie shillinges Item I give to my brother Zacharie Langdale xxxiijs iiijd Item I give unto Margarett Langdale my Sister xls Item I bequeath unto Elizabeth Craven my Sister xxs. And to her three children two Ewes and a lambe Item I do give unto Thomas Rhodes sonne of Richard Rhodes Mr. of Arts and preacher of Gods worde a Ewe The rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts paid and legacies and Funerall Expences discharged I doe give unto Henrie Langdale George Langdale and Katherine Langdale my brethren and Sister And I make Margarett Langdale my mother the sole Executrix of this my last will and testament In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand in the presence of these beinge witnesses Zacharie Langdale and Matthew Sticcaker(??) with others. Proved 22 April 1613. [PCY 32: 336, FHL film #99,498]

Reference abbreviations

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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