George Langdale
of Hackness, d. ca. 1550.

On 5 February 1550[/1] a commission was formed to grant the administration of George Langdale of Hackness, deceased, to Joan, his relict, and William, Thomas, Richard, and John or Joan, his children ["... Georgij langedale de haknes defuncti Johanne relicte eiusdem willelmo Thome Ricardo et Johanne liberis eiusdem ..." Dickering Act Book, FHL film #99,981], and on on 5 March 1550[/1], administration was granted to Joan the relict [his children also being listed but then crossed out, ibid.].

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of death or burial: Soon before 5 February 1550[/1].
Place of death or burial: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
See the discussion below.

Spouse: Joan _____, living 5 March 1550[/1].

As noted above, the administration of George Langdale shows that he had children William, Thomas, Richard, and John or Joan. The will of William Langedaile, dated 27 August 1577, mentions his brother Richard Langdale and his sisters Agnes Daille and Jennet Eshedaill [PCY 21: 93, FHL film #99,478; transcribed on the page of William Langdale]. Since the early parish registers of Hackness appear to show only one William Langdale and one Richard Langdale, and don't show any other early Langdales not in the families of William and Richard Langdale, it seems very probable that the William who died in 1577 and his brother Richard can be identified with the William and Richard who were sons of George and Joan Langdale. The outline given below assumes that this identification is correct.

William Langdale, of Hackness, bur. Hackness, 8 December 1577;
m. _____.

Thomas Langdale, living 5 February 1550[/1].

Richard Langdale, living 27 August 1577;
m. _____.
The will of William Langedaile mentions the unnamed children of his brother Richard. He was probably the Richard Langdale who had several children baptized at Hackness during the period 1567-1578 [Hackness PRT].

John or Joan Langdale, living 5 February 1550[/1].
The Latin form of the name is ambiguous, and could stand for either John or Joan.

Agnes Langdale, living 27 August 1577;
m. _____ Dale.

Jennet Langdale, living 27 August 1577;
m. _____ Eshdale.

Possible earlier ancestry of the Langdales of Hackness

In addition to his three siblings Richard, Agnes, and Jennet, the 1577 will of William Langedaile of Hackness named as one of the supervisors of the will his "cosyne" Guy Langdaile. Because of the uncommon first name and geographical proximity, this Guy Langdaile can be identified with high probability as Guy Langdale of Snainton, in Pickering Lythe, which was not far from Hackness. Guy Langdale was the seventh son of William and Isabell (Hall) Langdale of Scarborough and Ebberston, who appear in the 1563-4 visitation of Yorkshire. The information given in that visitation is as follows [Vis. North 2: 5; most of the same information appears in table form (lacking the two children of Henry who died young and the first Anne, daughter of William) in Vis. York 1563-4, 183-4].

The first two generations of this pedigree are confirmed by the will of John Langdale of Hackness, dated 26 April 1440, and proved 7 May 1440, which named, among others, his daughter Agnes, son William, son Richard, daughter Alice, and wife Agnes [PCY 3: 601]. The marriage of William Langdale and Elizabeth Ingram is confirmed by a deed of 7 May 1449 from John Newton and wife Margaret, George Hamby and wife Beatrice, and William Langdale and wife Elizabeth (the wives being daughters of John Ingram of Rihill in Holdernesse), to Katherine, widow of John Ingram, assigning her certain lands as her dower property [A2A, ref. DDCC/111/17]. In the fifth generation, both William and Isabell Langdale left wills. The will of William Langdaill of Scarborough, dated 16 December 1569, and proved 19 June 1570, mentioned his son Henrie Langdaill, son George Langdaill, son Lancelott Langdaill, son Guye Langdaill, daughter Anne, Robert Herrington's wife (relationship not stated), daughter Margerie, and wife Isabell Langdaill [PCY 18: 202]. The will of Esabell Langdaile, dated 3 October 1575, and proved 3 October 1576, mentioned, in addition to numerous grandchildren, her children Lanslote Langdaile, Gye Longdaile, Henrye Longdaile, Anne Tompson, Margerie Selowe, and Franncis Herrington [PCY 20: 89]. The family also appears in later Yorkshire visitations.

It is difficult to see where the ancestry of George Langdale of Hackness would tie into this family. If "cosyne" was intended to mean "first cousin" (which need not be the case), then George Langdale would have to be a younger brother of William Langdale of Scarborough. However, this is very unlikely, because we would expect any such brother to have been mentioned in the 1563-4 visitation. Thus, "cosyne" most likely indicates a more distant relative of unknown degree. If George Langdale of Hackness descends from a younger son who actually appears on the visitation pedigree, then the most likely candidate would seem to be the Richard Langdale who appears as the second son of William and Elizabeth (Ingram) Langdale. However, George Langdale could also be a son of an otherwise unknown son of Henry Langdale.

Reference abbreviations

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PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

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