Alice Harwood
wife of Matthew Audas.

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of burial: 9 October 1655.
Place of burial: Hutton Bushel, co. York.
[Hutton Bushel PRT]

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
The most obvious candidate for her baptism in the IGI is Alice Harwod, baptized at Hutton Bushel on 5 April 1583, daughter of Brian Harwod, but this Alice was buried at Hutton Bushel the next day [Hutton Bushel PRT]. The will of a Henry Harwood of Ayton, dated 8 March 1587, and proved 11 December 1588, named several underage children, including a daughter Alice [PCY 23: 931, FHL film #99,482], but she cannot be identified as the correct Alice Harwood without additional evidence.

m. Hutton Bushel, 19 November 1605, Matthew Audas, bp. Hutton Bushel, 23 September 1582, d. 1659.
[Hutton Bushel PRT]

See the page of Matthew Audas for details.

Anne Audas, bp. Hackness, 30 August 1606, living 10 June 1659;
m. _____ Robinson.

Robert Audas, bp. Hackness, 13 November 1608, d. betw. 6 September 1658 and 10 June 1659;
m. 1638 (lic.)
Elizabeth Wilson, who m. (2) Francis Jordan.

Margaret Audas, bp. Hackness, 22 June 1611, bur. there 21 September 1611.

Margaret Audas, bp. Hackness, 18 October 1612, living 23 September 1623 (grandfather's will), not in her father's will, 10 June 1659.

Elizabeth Audas, bp. Hackness, 17 December 1615, living 23 September 1623 (grandfather's will), not in her father's will, 10 June 1659.

Mary Audas, bp. Hackness, 29 November 1618, living 10 June 1659;
m. [9 December?] 1656, John Clapam of Scarborough.

Jane Audas, bp. Hackness?, 14 April 1622?;
m. Hutton Bushel, 4 October 1659, William Sheapard.

Grace Audas, bp. Hackness, 27 August 1626;
m. Hutton Bushel, 1 May 1660, Michael Sturtle.

Reference abbreviations

Hutton Bushel PRT = Parish register transcripts of Hutton Bushel, co. York, FHL film #558353.

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

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