James Grimes
of Fayette county, Pennsylvania and Logan county, Ohio, d. 1856.

James Grimes appears in the census of Dunbar township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, in 1820 [James Grimes 1M18-26, 1F<10, 1F16-26, 1820 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 123] and 1830 [James Grimes 1M<5, 1M5-10, 1M30-40, 1F<5, 1F5-10, 1F10-15, 1F30-40, 1830 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 202 (adjacent to Andrew Yeagley)]. He appears in the tax lists of Dunbar township in each year from 1820 to 1832 (as James "Graham" in 1829) [Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,449,305]. On 17 June 1832, James and Elizabeth Grimes tranferred their membership from the Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church in Fayette county to the Presbyterian Church in Bellefontaine [Hist. Presb. Ch. Bellefontaine, 208]. In 1833, James Grimes begins to appear on the tax lists of Monroe township, Logan county, Ohio [Logan co., OH tax lists, FHL film #545,119]. They appear in the censuses of Monroe township, Logan county, Ohio in 1840 and 1850 [James Grimes 2M<5, 1M5-10, 1M10-15, 1M15-20, 1M30-40, 1F5-10, 1F10-15, 1F15-20, 1F20-30, 1F40-50, 1840 cen., Monroe tp., Logan co., OH, 19; James Grimes 50 farmer b. MD, Elizabeth 50 b. VA, Benjamin 21 b. PA, Martha 18 b. PA, Henry 15 b. OH, George 13 b. OH, James 11 b. OH, 1850 cen., Monroe tp., Logan co., OH, 6r]. The last will and testament of James Grimes, dated 27 March 1854, and proved 5 November 1856, mentioned his wife Elizabeth Grimes, sons Henry, George, and James, and daughter Martha [Logan co., OH Will Book A: 281, FHL film #534,847].

Date of birth: 9 October 1799?
Place of birth: Maryland.
Although the date of 9 October seems firm, there is confusion about the year. A biographical sketch of his son Benjamin Grimes states that Benjamin "was a son of James and Elizabeth Feagley, the former of whom was born Oct. 9, 1779, and the latter March 19, of the same year, and were married May 20, 1819." [Hist. Logan co., OH, 668]. A calculation from the age at death given on his gravestone [see below] gives 9 October 1789 as the birthdate. However, it hard to accept either 1779 or 1789 as correct, because the Logan county history states that he was born in the same year as his wife, who had a child in 1839 and therefore cannot have been born as early as 1789. James and Elizabeth Grimes are both given the age of 50 in the 1850 census [see above], and what contradictory information we have about her birthdate suggests 1799 [see the page of Elizabeth Yeagley]. The 1820 through 1840 censuses, less helpful as usual, are consistent with this. Thus, with hesitation, I suggest the date 9 October 1799, assuming a misprint in the Logan county history (as I think we must), but also assuming that the age on the gravestone is too great by 10 years.

Date of death: 12 October 1856.
Place of burial: West Liberty Cemetery, Logan co., OH.
The biographical sketch of his son Benjamin give the date 12 October 1856 [Hist. Logan co., OH, 668]. His gravestone gives the same date ["James Grimes died Oct 12 1856 aged 67 yrs & 3 d." West Liberty cem., presonally examined by me].

Father: Benjamin Grimes, of MD.
Mother: Unknown.
The register of members of the Presbyterian Church at Bellefontaine states that James Grimes was the son of Benjamin Grimes of Maryland [Hist. Presb. Ch. Bellefontaine, 208].

Spouse: m. 20 May 1819, Elizabeth Yeagley, b. 8 September 1799?, d. 19 January 1865?
As noted above, the biographical sketch of his son Benjamin indicates that James Grimes married Elizabeth Feagley [Hist. Logan co., OH, 668]. That this was a mistake for Yeagley is proven by the will of Andrew Jakle of Dunbar township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, dated 9 January 1832, and proved 7 November 1833, mentioned, among others, his wife Sarah Jakle and children Margaret Drake, Sarah Oldshue, John Yagley or Yeagley, Henry Yagley or Yeagley, Elizabeth Grimes, Mary Gelmer, Andrew Yagley, and Martha McDonald [Fayette co., PA Will Book 1: 362, FHL film #861,065; Will Book "no. 1 vol. 3": 1206, FHL film #861,066 has an inaccurate transcript]. (Andrew was using the old spelling of the surname while his sons used an anglicized spelling.)

On 29 April 1867, Benjamin Grimes, administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Grimes, deceased, received seven receipts, each for $21.81 that he had paid in the distribution of the estate, the seven receipts being signed by George Grimes and Sophia E. Grimes, by Andrew Grimes and Louisa J. Grimes, by Henry Grimes and Em Grimes, by Sarah Williams and L[emuel] Williams, by Martha A. Grimes, by Richard Hair and Cate Hair, and by James Grimes and Eliza An Grimes. On 22 January 1868, Benjamin Grimes reported the distribution of the estate, listing the payments to Richard Hair, George Grimes, Martha A. Grimes, Jas. Grimes, Andrew Grimes, Henry Grimes, Sarah Williams, and himself [Estate of Elizabeth Grimes, Logan co., OH courthouse].

daughter, b. ca. 1820, living 1840.
Such a daughter is indicated by the 1820, 1830, and 1840 censuses [see above]. Since she was not a part of the distribution of the estate of Elizabeth Grimes, she must have died without issue before that time.

Catherine Grimes, b. PA, June 1822, living 1900, Bond co., IL;
m. Logan co., OH, 19 August 1846 (lic. 17 Aug.), Richard Hair, b. ca. 1826, d. 18801900.
[mar.: Logan co., OH marriages B: 10, FHL film #534,836] They are found in Logan county, Ohio in 1850 and 1860, then in Bond county, Illinois in 1870, 1880, and 1900.

Andrew Grimes, b. PA, July 1824, d. Brown tp., Paulding co., OH, 27 January 1904, ae. 79;
m. (1) Logan co., OH (lic. 17 August 1846), Louisa Jane Dunston, b. OH, ca. 1829, d. 18801900;
m. (2) ca. 1895, Louisa _____, b. Germany, August 1836.
[death: Ohio Deaths & Burials, 1854-1997, Family Search; 1st mar.: Logan co., OH marriages B: 10, FHL film #534,836; birth & 2nd mar.: 1900 cen., Brown tp., Paulding co., OH] In 1850 Andrew and Louisa Grimes were living in Monroe tp., Logan co., OH (enumerated adjacent to James Grimes), and by 1860 they had moved to Brown tp., Paulding co., OH. In 1900, Andrew Grimes was still living there with his second wife, also named Louisa.

Sarah Grimes, b. PA, 11 June 1825, d. 89 January 1909, bur. Hale cem., Hardin co., OH;
m. Logan co., OH, 18 March 1847 (lic. 17 March),
Lemuel Williams, b. Logan co., OH, 3 May 1823 (or 1824), d. Hardin co., OH, 23 August 1906.
[mar.: Logan co., OH marriages B: 28, FHL film #534,836]

Benjamin Grimes, b. Fayette co., PA, 15 November 1827, d. 28 August 1885, bur. West Liberty cem., Logan co., OH;
m. Logan co., OH, 1 March 1857 (lic. 28 Feb.), Susanna Randall, b. Logan co., OH, 8 May 1835, living 6 July 1885.
[b. & d., her b.: Hist. Logan co., OH, 668; mar.: Logan co., OH marriages C: 85, FHL film #534,836] The will of Benjamin Grimes of Monroe township, Logan county, Ohio, dated 6 July 1885, and proved 5 September 1885, mentioned his wife (name not given), daughter Josie F. Wirick, wife of Benjamin F. Wirick, and daughter Rose Ann Willit, wife of William L. Willit, with William L. Willit and Benjamin F. Wirick as executors [Logan co., OH Will Book C: 585].

Martha A. Grimes, b. PA, ca. 1832, living 22 January 1868.

Henry Grimes, b. OH, 301 August 1835 (calc.), d. West Liberty, Logan co., OH, 9 October 1904;
m. Logan co., OH, 1 December 1856 (lic. same day), Emmeline Hulsiger, b. NJ, 12 June 1836, d. 18 May 1920.
[mar.: Logan co., OH marriages C: 75, FHL film #534,836; d.: Logan co., OH Death Record 2: 81, FHL film #534,834] Henry and Emmeline Grimes are found in Logan co., OH in the 1860 through 1900 censuses. Emmeline was the daughter of Thompson and Mary (Fishbaugh) Hulsiger [death cert. of Emeline Grimes, OH Bureau of Vital Stat., also the source of her birth and death dates].

George Washington Grimes, b. OH, 27 December 1836, d. Logan co., OH, 11 December 1916;
m. Logan co., OH, 27 December 1855 (lic. 23 Dec.), Sophia Elizabeth Mops, living 11 December 1916.
[mar.: Logan co., OH marriages C: 38, FHL film #534,836; b. & d.: death cert. of George Washington Grimes, OH Bureau of Vital Stat.]

James Grimes, b. OH, 24 February 1839, d. Logan co., OH, 14 September 1921;
m. Logan co., OH, 27 January 1860 (lic. same day), Elizabeth Ann Short, b. Monroe tp., Logan co., OH, 7 January 1842 (calc.), d. Logan co., OH, 30 August 1903 ae. 61y 7m 23d.
[mar.: Logan co., OH marriages C:195, FHL film #534,836; b. & d.: death cert. of James Grimes, OH Bureau of Vital Stat.; her d.: Logan co., OH Death Record 2: 81, FHL film #534,834]

Reference abbreviations

Hist. Logan co., OH = History of Logan County and Ohio (O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1880).

Hist. Presb. Ch. Bellefontaine = George L. Kalb, History of the First Presbyterian Church of Bellefontaine, Ohio (Bellefontaine, 1900).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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