Benjamin Grimes
of Maryland and Fayette county, Pennsylvania.

Described as Benjamin Grimes "of Maryland" in the record that identifies him as the father of James Grimes of Logan county, Ohio [Hist. Presb. Ch. Bellefontaine, 208], Benjamin Grimes has been difficult to unambiguously identify in other records. However, he should probably be identified as the man of that name who appears in the tax lists of Dunbar township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania starting in 1811, appearing in the tax lists for that township in each year from 1811 to 1830 (as Benjamin "Graham" in 1829) [Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,449,305], and in the 1820 (but not the 1830) census [Benjamin Grimes 1M18-26, 1M>45, 1F10-16, 1F16-26, 1F>45, 1820 cen., Fayette co., PA, 126].

Date of birth: bef. 1775.
Place of birth: poss. MD.
He is over 45 in the 1820 census. The 1880 census shows the father of George Grimes and Nancy Barklaw below as having been born in Maryland, but there is only circumstantial evidence that Benjamin Grimes was their father.

Date of death: after 1830.
Place of death: Unknown.
Benjamin Grimes last appears in the tax list of Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA in 1830, and does not appear in the 1830 census of that county, so he probably either died or moved away about that time.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse(s): Unknown.
There was a Benjamin Grimes who married a Mary Grimes in Prince George's co., MD on 17 January 1789. However, it is not at all clear whether or not he was the same man as the Benjamin Grimes who heads this page.

The register of members of the Presbyterian Church at Bellefontaine states that James Grimes was the son of Benjamin Grimes of Maryland [Hist. Presb. Ch. Bellefontaine, 208].

James Grimes, b. MD, 9 October 1799?, d. 12 October 1856, bur. West Liberty cem., Logan co., OH.;
m. 20 May 1819,
Elizabeth Yeagley, b. 8 September 1799?, d. 19 January 1865?

Possible additional children:
Like James Grimes, George Grimes was born in Maryland, and came from Fayette co., PA to Logan co., OH in 18323. Thus, since there were only a couple of years difference in the ages of George and James Grimes, it is reasonable to speculate that they were brothers, but I know of no direct evidence for this. George Grimes had a sister Nancy Barklaw living with him in the 1880 census, who may be another daughter of Benjamin Grimes.

George Grimes, b. MD, March 1798 (calc.), d. Logan co., OH, 25 January 1888, ae. 89y 10m;
m. (1) _____, b. ca. 17901800, evidently d. 18405;
m. (2) Logan co., OH, 31 August 1845 (lic. 30 Aug.), Margaret Smith, b. PA, 3 June 1818 (calc.), d. Harrison tp., Logan co., OH, 13 May 1880, ae. 61y 11m 10d.
[2nd mar.: Logan co., OH marriages A: 268, FHL film #534,836; b. & d.: Logan co., OH Death Record 1: 232 (Margaret); 2: 77 (George), FHL film #534,834] George Grimes appears in the tax lists of Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA from 1820 to 1832 (the same years that James Grimes appears in those lists) [Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,449,305]. In 1830, he also appears in the census of Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA [George Grimes 1M<5, 1M 30-40, 1F30-40, 1830 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 201]. Starting in 1833 (the same year James Grimes first appears in Logan county), he appears on the tax list of Lake tp., Logan co., OH, and when Harrison township was formed in 1836, his land was a part of the new township [Logan co., OH tax lists, FHL film #545,119]. In 1840, he was living in Harrison tp. [George Grimes 1M10-15, 1M40-50, 1F<5, 1F5-10, 1F40-50, 1840 cen., Harrison tp., Logan co., OH, 53], and he appears in the same township in the 1850 through 1880 censuses [George Grimes 53 farmer b. MD, Margaret 33 b. PA, John 21 b. PA, Mary 19 b. PA, Jemimah 12 b. OH, Eliza 8 b. OH, Ellen 4 b. OH, 1850 cen., Harrison tp., Logan co., OH, 186v; George Grimes 62 farmer b. MD, Margaret 42 b. PA, Ellen 14 b. OH, Eliza J. Smith 18 housework b. OH, 1860 cen., Harrison tp., Logan co., OH, 250r; George Grimes 72 farmer b. MD, Margret 52 kh b. PA, John 40 farm labor b. PA, Ruth A. 30 kh b. VA, Georganna 10 b. OH, Helen A. 6 b. OH, Lucy Weed 17 dom. serv. b. OH, 1870 cen., Harrison tp., Logan co., OH, 29v; Geo. Grimes 82 farmer b. MD (MD, MD), Nancy Barklaw 78 sister kh b. MD (MD, MD), 2 servants, 1880 cen., Harrison tp., Logan co., OH, ED113, p. 2].

Nancy Grimes, b. MD, ca. 1802, living 1880, Harrison tp., Logan co., OH;
m. _____ Barklaw.
As noted above she was living with George Grimes in the 1880 census, where she is called his sister. She may have been the same person as the Nancie Barklow who appears in the 1870 census of Quincy, Adams co., IL, who was born in Maryland and has an age only two years off from the age in 1880 [Dan Barklow 65 wood sawyer b. PA, Nancie 66 kh b. MD, 1870 cen., 5th ward, Quincy, Adams co., IL, 607v]. She has not been located in any earlier census.

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Hist. Presb. Ch. Bellefontaine = George L. Kalb, History of the First Presbyterian Church of Bellefontaine, Ohio (Bellefontaine, 1900).

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