William Dickinson
of Langdon Bridge, co. York, d. 1654.

Date of baptism: 2 March 1585[/6].
Place of baptism: Hackness, co. York.
[Hackness PRT]

Date of death: 12 January 1653[/4].
Date of burial: 19 January 1653[/4].
Place of burial: Hackness, co. York.
[Hackness PRT]

Father: Henry Dickinson, of Harwood Dale, bur. Hackness, 6 August 1613.
Mother: Eleanor/Helen _____, bur. Hackness, 12 January 1612[/3].
The will of William Dickinson, transcribed below, mentions his two sisters Margarett Robinson and Annas Fox, which clearly places him as a son of Henry Dickinson of Harwood Dale, whose will names those two women as daughters.

m. Hackness, 24 November 1607, Emma Cowlson, bur. Hackness, 16512.
[Hackness PRT]

[Hackness PRT]

Henry Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 11 September 1608, bur. Wykeham, 26 February 1680[/1];
m. (1) Fylingdales, 7 June 1636,
Mary Flunders;
m. (2) Hackness, 23 May 1654, Ann/Hannah Harland, bur. Wykeham, 26 February 1680[/1].

Arthur Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 11 August 1611, bur. Fylingdales, 22 June 1668;
m. Hutton Bushel, 24 July 1637, Anne Beswick.
[Fylingdales BT; Hutton Bushel BT] See below for a transcript of the will of Arthur Dickinson.

_____ Dickinson, bur. Hackness, 16 September 1614.

Elizabeth Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 3 March 1615[/6], not in father's will, 6 January 1651[/2].

Thomas Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 3 February 1627[/8], bur. there 28 April 1647.

Will of William Dickinson of Langdon Bridge, dated 6 January 1651[/2], proved 17 May 1654.

In the name of God Amen The sixth Daye of January 1651 I William Dickinson of Langdon Bridge in the parish of Wickham in the County of Yorke yeoman in Competent Health of Body and in perfect Healthe and memory praised be Allmightie God doe make ordeine and appoint my Last Will and Testament in manner and forme following First I give and bequeathe my Soule into the Hands of Allmightie God father sonne and holy Ghost whoe hath created Redeemed and sanctified mee trusting through the meritorious deathe and passion of my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ to be saved forever and to live with God in everlasting Glory And my body I bequeathe to the Earthe whereof it was made And my desire is (if it may please God soe to dispose) to be buried in Hacknes churchyeard at neare the Bodies of Emme Dickinson my deare deceased Wife and Thomas Dickinson my deceased sonne as conveniently may be And the temporall Estate wherewith God of his Goodnes and Mercy hath indowed mee I order dispose and bequeathe as followeth Inprimis whereas I have given granted aliened infeoffed and confirmed unto Arthur Dickinson my younger sonne and his heires forever a Messuage house Tenement which I bought and purchased of Sir Richard Cholmeley knight and Sir Hugh Cholmeley knight which cost three hundred pounds or thereabout All which is now in the Tenure and occupacion of my said sonne Arthur Dickinson or his Assignes I doe now further give and bequeathe hereby unto my said sonne Arthur Dickenson and his heires forever one of the boyser(?) Messuages or Tenements of Flasse Farme or Spring Close which I bought and purchased of Sir Hugh Cholmeley now knight & Barronett and Mr. William Cholmeley his sonne and heire apparant with all Buildings houses Edifices Garthes Gardens Closes Meadowes Pasture Common of Pasture with all and singuler the Appurtenances belonging or in any wise apperteining All which is now or late were in the Tenure or Occupacion of George Barry or his Assignes which said premisses are reputed the Moyetie or one halfe of that farme which I the said William Dickenson and Henry Dickinson my eldest sonne bought and purchased of Sir Hugh Cholmeley and Mr. William Cholmeley as aforesaid Item whereas I gave to my sonne Henry Dickinson for and towards his preferement in Marriage to the valew or Summe of twoe hundred pounds or thereabouts in money household stuffe or other Goods I doe hereby further give and bequeath unto my said sonne Henry Dickenson and the heires Males of his body lawfully begotten or to be begotten All that my Mansion house Messuage or Tenement of Langdon Bridge wherein now I dwell with all Barnes Stables Kilnes and houses Buildings & Edifices about the same with all Closes grounds Meadowes arrable pasture Common of pasture with all and singuler the Appurtenances in upon or anywise belonging to the same And in as large and ample manner to all Intents and purposes as I the said William Dickenson or my assignes did occupie or inioy the same And for want of such heires Males of the Body of my said sonne Henry Dickenson Then I do give and bequeathe the said House Messuage or Tenement of Langdon Bridge Farme with all and singuler the premisses and Appurtenances as aforesaid unto the second sonne of Arthur Dickenson my aforesaid sonne lawfully begotten or to be begotten if it shall please God that any such shalbe and his heires forever And for want of such a second sonne of the Body of the said Arthur Dickinson as aforesaid Then I doe give and bequeathe the said House farmehold and premisses att Langdon Bridge as aforesaid unto Arthur Dickinson sonne and heire to my said sonne Arthur Dickinson and his heires And for want of such heires Males Then to be equally devided betweene the daughters of the said Henry Dickinson & Arthur Dickinson my twoe above named sonns provided allwaies that if it shall please God that my sonne Arthur Dickinson shall have a second sonne or otherwise for want of a second sonne that the said Arthur Dickinson my grandchild sonne to my said sonne Arthur shall come to inherit the said Farmehold and premisses att Langdon Bridge aforesaid that hee his heires or Assignes or such heire whosoever it shall please God to allott it unto shall pay it unto shall pay unto Elizabeth Dickenson my sonne Henry Dickenson his Daughter or to her children if it please God any such shalbe or for want of such unto any other daughter or Daughters which shall be lawfully begotten of the body of my said sonne Henry Dickenson the summe of one hundred pounds when either shee first or by reason of her departure out of this world the other mencioned and intended shalbe marryed or lawfully demannd and can give discharge for the same Item I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Dickenson my sonne Henry Dickensons daughter all my pewter and all my Linnen and that Cubbard which is next my parlour doore And twoe owke chests viz. the biggest but one And that which is next unto it in Bignes Item I give to Anne Dickensonne my sonne Arthur Dickinsons daughter a spence(?) besides the Cubberd Item my mind and Will is that the long Table and frame and formes and a long Settle and Cubbord att the head of it And the bedstead wherein I usually lodge and twoe Arkes and the biggest chest shall remain in the aforesaid dwelling House att Langdon Bridge and come and be to the Heire which God shall please to allott and dispose it unto as Heireloomes to the Inheritance aforesaid Item I give and bequeathe to Elizabeth Dickinson my said Grandchild the sume of twenty pounds of lawfull english money to be raised paied and putt forward for her Benefitt within three monthes mext [sic] after my decease Item I give to my sister Margarett Robinson twentie shillings Item I give to my sister Annas Fox twentie shillings Item I give to Annas Cowper the wife of Thomas Cowper of Langdon Syde tenne shillings Item I give to the poore of the parishe of Wickham twenty shillings Item I give to the poore of the parishe of Hacknes twenty shillings Item I give to the Minister of Hacknes that shall preache my funerall sermon and bury mee twenty shillings The Rest of my temporall Estate not hereby bequeathed or disposed my Debts paied legacies deducted and funerall expences discharged I give and bequeath unto Henry Dickenson and Arthur Dickenson my twoe loving and dutifull sonns who I make ioynt Executors of this my last Will and testament And I desire my loving brother Henry Dickenson and my loving freind Francis Prowd Minister att Hacknes to be supervisors of this my last Will and testamnet And my mind and Will is that if any Doubte question Controversie or Ambiguitie shall arize or be concerning this my last Will and Testament That it shalbe resolved and determined by them or the survivor of them And I give to either of them tenne shillings to buy a Ring in Memory of mee And I doe hereby revoke and renounce all other and former Wills And in testimony that this is my last will and testament I have hereunto putt my Hand and seale the Daie and yeare first above written Item I give to my twoe Grandchildren Arthur Dickenson and Anne Dickenson my sonne Arthur his children eache of them tenne pounds Item I give to Jane Robinson my Maid servat tenn Groats when she shall accomplishe the Age of one and twenty yeares In witnes as aforesaid William Dickinson Witnesses hereof Francis Prowd John Harland William Packrell(?). Proved 17 May 1654 Henry Dickenson and Arthur Dickenson, sons of the deceased. [PCC 467 Alchin, FHL film #92,206]

Will of Arthur Dickinson, dated 6 April 1668, proved 2 February 1668/9.

In the name of God Amen the sixt day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord god (1668) I Arthur Dickinson of Fillingdailes in the County and dioces of yorke yeoman being weake in body, but of perfect and sound memory, praised be Almighty god, doe make and ordaine this my Last will and Testament, in manner and forme Followeing, First I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty god, my maker and Creator, and to Jesus Christ my Redeemer, by whose sufferings and pretious Blood and obedience, I hope to be saved, and to inheritt everlasting Life in the Kingdome of heaven, and my body I Comitt to the Earth whereof it was made, to be buryed in the Church or Churchyard of St. Stephen in Fillingdailes aforesaid, or where it shall please god that I shall dye, at the discretion of my friends and Executor hereafter mencioned, Inprimis I give and bequeath to my Grandchilde Arthur Blund and to his heires for ever, all those two Messuages or tenements called Flass farme with all the rights & appurtences thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaineing, Scituate Lyeing and being within the territories of Filleingdailes aforesaid, now in the tenure and occupation of Robert Pearson and Robert Foster or there assignes assignees, provided allwayes that he the said Arthur Blund, or his assignees or assignes, doe well and truely pay to my daughter Anne Blund his mother six pounds yearely and every yeare, by even and equall porcions (that is to say) at the Feast of St. Michaell the Arch Angell, and the annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary, for and dureing her naturall Life, from the tyme that he shall enjoye & posses the same, and it is my mynde and will that he shall enjoye and posses and have the benifitt of the same, when he shall have attayned and accomplished the age of eighteene yeares, and in the meane tyme, my mynde and will is, that his father William Blund and Anne Blund his mother shall have reape receive and e<n>joye, the same for and towards his education and bringinge upp, and if it shall please god that the said Arthur Blund shall die before he accomplish the said age of eighteene yeares, and Leave noe issue of his body, Lawfully begotten, that then the said Flass farme, and all the rights & appurtenances thereunto belonginge shall come remaine and be, and I doe hereby give and bequeath the same, unto the next heire maile of the said Anne Blund of her body Lawfully begotten, under the same Condition that I have bequeathed the same unto my aforesaid Grandchild Arthur Blund and his heires, Item I give and bequeath all that farme call Cookes farme, and all the rights and appurtenances thereunto belonginge, and apperteyninge, and all that close called Stainrigg close, to be sold and disposed of, by my Ececutor hereafter mentioned, and the summe for which the same shalbe sold to be devided in an equall pportion, to such Children as it shall please god my said daughter Anne Blund shall have, hereafter or otherwise, the same to remaine to such Childe or Children to be either possessed or equally devided amongst them, Item I give and bequeath to Anne the daughter of George Stonus the summe of five pounds, to be paid when she shall accomplish the age of seaventeene yeares, Item I give to my Brother Henry Dickinson three Children every one of them twenty shillings apeece, to be paid unto there said father within one yeare after my decease, to be imployed for there benifitt and behoofe Item I forgive to Robert pearson the summe of five pounds, of the rent he is behinde with me; and to Robert Foster other five pounds in Like manner, Item I give unto Robert Pearson my godsonne two ewes, Item I give & bequeath to the poore people of Fillingdailes the summe of thirteene shillings, and foure pence, for ever, to be paid out of my said Land Flass farme, and my mynd and will is, that my said heires for ever shall stand charged to pay the same yearely, and every yeare, upon the feast of St. Thomas the Appostle, all the rest of my goods and Chattells moveable and unmoveables my debts paid Legacies deducted and funerall expences discharged, I give and bequeath unto my aforesaid deare and Loveing daughter Anne Blund, whoe I make sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament, and revoake renounce and make voyd and null all other and former wills by me att any tyme heretofore made, and In testimony that this is my Last will and Testament, I have hereunto sett my hand and seale, the day and yeare above written, Arthur Dickinson his marke sealed signed in the presence of us, wittness our hands, William Farside Robert Blund Henry Blund. Proved 2 February 1668[/9]. [PCY 49: 172, FHL film #99,577]

Reference abbreviations

Fylingdales BT = Bishop's transcripts of Fylingdales, co. York, FHL film #919,060.

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

Hutton Bushel BT = Bishop's transcripts of Hutton Bushel, co. York, FHL film #990,790.

PCC = Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

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