Margaret Dickinson
wife of George Langdale of Hackness.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of burial: 11 November 1627.
Place of burial: Hackness, co. York.
[Hackness PRT]

Father: _____ Dickinson.
Mother: Margaret _____, bur. Hackness, 30 January 1582[/3].

m. Hackness, 19 October 1578, George Langdale, bur. Hackness, 20 December 1606.
[Hackness PRT]


Joan Langdale, b. say 1579, bur. Hackness, 22 September 1579.

Thomas Langdale, bp. Hackness, 31 August 1580, bur. there 22 October 1638;
m. (1) Hackness, 2 October 1610, Priscilla Cowlson, bur. Hackness 13 February 1623[/4];
m. (2) Hackness, 2 October 1627, Ellen Sedman.

William Langdale, bp. Hackness, 2 February 1581[/2], bur. there 13 December 1612.

Elizabeth Langdale, bp. Hackness, 7 May 1585, bur. there 22 November 1652;
m. Hackness, 7 December 1607,
John Craven, d. 29 Septmeber 1661, bur. Hackness.

Zachary Langdale, bp. Hackness, 2 February 1587[/8], bur. there 13 November 1648;
m. Hackness 18 [October?] 1614, Barbara Cockerell, bur. Hackness, 23 September 1617.

Anne/Agnes Langdale, bp. Hackness, 6 August 1590;
m. Hackness, 27 April 1613, Christopher Court.

Margaret Langdale, b. say 1592, bur. Hackness, 16 April 1623;
m. Hackness, 24 July 1614, Ingram Wansforth, bur. Hackness, 30 March 1623.

Henry Langdale, bp. Hackness, 17 May 1595, bur. there 12 August 1616.

Catherine Langdale, bp. Hackness, 20 January 1597[/8], presumably living 9 July 1637;
m. Hackness, 13 October 1624, William Trott, bp. Hackness, September 1596, bur. there 3 October 1652.

George Langdale, bp. Hackness, 9 March 1599[/1600], bur. there 1 February 1637[/8];
m. Hackness, 17 November 1629, Jane Cockerill.

Janet/Jane Langdale, bp. Hackness, 8 August 1602, bur. there 18 November 1604.

Will of Margaret Langdale of Hackness, dated 21 May 1627, proved 24 March 1627[/8].

In the name of God amen I Margarett Langdale of Hacknes in the Countie of yorke sicke of bodie but whole of mynd and of good and perfect remembrance thankes bee to god doe make this my last will and testament the one and twenteth of this Instant Maye 1627 in manner and forme followeing Inprimis I Give and bequeath my soule unto Almightie god my maker & redeemer And my bodie to bee buried in Hackneys Churchyard Item I give and bequeath unto Thomas Langdailes Children that which hee oweth mee beeing foure markes Item to Ann Langdale daughter of the said Thomas Langdale the Firre table (which is in his house) together with the frame Item I give to Zacharie Langdale and his Children that Eight poundes which hee hath in his handes to bee equallie devided And if the said Zacharie shall in tyme to come bee better able to live then [i.e., than] my sonne George Langdale hee shall repaie Fortie shillinges of the said Eight poundes to the said George Langdale But otherwise to keepe and and have it all to himselfs and his Children Item I give to the said George Langdale a little square Table with the frame and forme that stand in the house as alsoe the best Chest in the Parlour and alsoe a paire of the best bedstockes two hempen two harden Sheetes and a lynin Sheete two Coverletts a bedd blankett and two of the best pillowes with a mattresse sixe yardes of greene woollen Cloth and three yardes of Lynin Item to John Craven the Fortie shillinges which hee owes mee and twentie shillinges besides to his Children equallye to bee devided amonge them And to John Cravens wife Six(?) pense a brasse pott and a kettle Item to Thomas Blandes wife Children xxs equallie to bee devided Item to William Trotts Children I give twentie shillinges equallie to bee devided if hee shall have moe(?) Item to Zaccharie Wansforth an Ewe and a Lambe Item I give to Marie Wansforth an iron pott and an Ewe and a Lambe Item I give to Barbarie Langdale Zaccharies daughter an old caule(?) Item I give the rest of my house holdstuffe unbequeathed to all my Children equallie [to b]e devided amongst them all Item I give to Thomas Langdales man William Bee----te a lambe and to Jane Hopper and Margarett King either of them a la[mb]e Item I give to the poore of Hackenes parrishe tenn shillinges Item I give and Comitt the Tuicion of Marie Wansforth daughter of Ingram Wansforth deceased unto my sonnes Thomas and George Langdale Item I give to the honourable Ladie the Ladie Margarett Hobie tenn shillinges Item I give to Mr. Ch[apman --] groates Item I give to Mr. Thomas Wood Preacher of godes [word] five shillinges Item I give to Mr Holmes tenn groates The rest of my [goods] my [debts] paid and funerall expences deducted I give to my sonne Geor[ge Langd]ale whom I make sole Executor of this my last will and testame[nt in] Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the daye and yeare First above written witnesses Zacharias Langdaile Thomas Langdaile Tempest Holmes. Proved 24 March 1627[/8]. [PCY 40: 179, FHL film #99,512]

Reference abbreviations

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

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