William Craven
of Hilla Green, co. York, d. 16745.

Date of baptism: 11 December 1608.
Place of baptism: Wykeham, co. York.
[Wykeham BT]

Date of death: between 12 November 1674 and 26 March 1675.
Place of burial: Hackness.
The will of William Craven (transcribed below), dated 12 November 1674, and proved 26 March 1675, stated that he was to be buried at Hackness.

Father: John Craven, d. 29 Septmeber 1661, bur. Hackness.
Mother: Elizabeth Langdale, bp. Hackness, 7 May 1585, bur. there 22 November 1652.

m. Brompton by Sawdon, 12 July 1636, Elizabeth Carlill, bp. Brompton, 31 January 1618[/9], still alive 12 November 1674.
[Brompton PR]

These children come from a variety of sources. Some have their baptisms mentioned in the parish registers of Hackness or Wykeham [Hackness PRT; Wykeham BT (1637); Wykeham PR (other Wykeham entries)]. The will of William Craven (transcribed below) mentioned his sons William and Thomas and his unmarried daughters Catherine, Mary, and Martha. The will of Thomas Craven, also transcribed below, proves additional details about the family.

Priscilla Craven, bp. Wykeham, 30 May 1637, living 10 April 1693;
m. (1) Hackness, 9 December 1656 (also recorded at Wykeham), William Cockerell of Broxa;
m. (2) _____ Duck.
Priscilla's parentage is also given in her Hackness marriage banns [Hackness PRT], and she appears as Preceley Duck in the will of her brother Thomas.

Alice Craven,
m. Hackness, 20 May 1662, John Cockerell of Sharpgate.
[Hackness PRT] Thomas Craven made his brother-in-law John Cokrell one of the executors of his will, which identifies Alice as his sister.

Elizabeth Craven,
m. _____ Ward.
Thomas Craven mentions children of his sister Elizabeth Ward in his will.

Catherine Craven, unmarried on 12 November 1674;
perhaps married a Mr. Aeson(?).
Catherine is mentioned as unmarried in the will of her father. The will of her brother Thomas mentions a sister Aeson(?), and by process of elimination this sister could be Catherine. See below under the will of Thomas for the reading of the surname.

Mercy Craven, bp. Hackness, 20 May 1649, living 10 April 1693;
m. Hackness, 4 May 1674, William Pickering.
Thomas Craven left a legacy to his sister Marcy Pickring in his will.

William Craven, bp. Hackness, 21 November 1651, bur. there 29 September 1723.
m. Wykeham, 20 March 1680[/1],
Ann Staines, bp. Thornton Dale, 19 January 1657/8, bur Hackness, 31 October 1734.

John Craven, b. 12 August 1654, bp. Wykeham, not in father's will on 12 November 1674.

Mary Craven, b. 3 April 1657, bp. Wykeham & Hackness, 5 April 1657;
m. _____ Coulson.
Thomas Craven mentions children of his sister Mary Coulson in his will.

Thomas Craven, of Hilla Green and Scarborough, bur. Hackness, 31 March 1694.
[Hackness PRT] The will of Thomas Craven, dated 6 April 1693, and proved 28 May 1694, is transcribed below. The primary legacies went to his siblings and their children.

Martha Craven, bur. Wykeham, 12 February 1680[/1].
[Wykeham PR] She was called the youngest daughter in her father's will.

Will of William Craven of Hilla Green, dated 12 November 1674, proved 26 March 1675.

In the name of God Amen [the twelfth day of] November in the yeare of our lord God 1674 I William Craven of Hillay Greene in the parrish of Wickham within the dioces of Yorke yeoman sicke of body but of good and perfect remembrance thanks be to God doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner as it followeth First I give and bequeath my soule unto Almightie God my maker to Jesus Christ my redeemer and to the holy Ghost my Sanctifier and my body to be buried in the parrish church yard of Hacknes First for my reall estate I give and bequeath to my sonne Thomas my two houses in Ebberstone one in the ten[ure] and occupacion of William Coltman and the other in the tenure of William Harrington to him and his heires forever And if my sonne and heire William shall hinder him of the same then I give unto Thomas my free farme in Hellay greene in liew thereof and my will is that my sonne and heire William shall pay out of my land in Heay greene to my daughters which are unmarried the summe of thirty poundes vidt. to my daughter Catherine tenne poundes and to my daughter Mary tenne poundes and to my youngest daughter Martha Tenne poundes. For my personall estate first I bequeath Imprimis to my wife Elizabeth one Cow Item I give to my sonne William my black mare Item I give and bequeath to my grandchildren which shall be liveing att my death two Shillings each of them Item I give to the poore of Wickham three shillings foure pence Item I give unto Frances Prowd the minister of Hacknes tenne Shillings that hee may preach for mee a funerall Sermon if hee Shall be alive and able and I make and ordaine Elizabeth my wife and William my sonne to be my Joint and full executors of this my present will and I revoking all former wills In witnes whereof I have here sett to my hand and Seale William Craven In the presence of these witnesses William Craven John Cockerill. Proved 26 March 1675 by son William [PCY 56: 1, FHL film #99584; the will is on the first folio of the volume and in poor condition, but most of it is still readable from the microfilm copy - however, the word "twelfth" in the date was not readable and was taken from the date as given in the Yorkshire Record Society index].

Will of Thomas Craven, dated 6 April 1693, proved 28 May 1694.

In the name of god Amen, the sext day of Aprell and in the yeare of our loard one thousand sex hundred ninty and three: I Thomas Craven of Skarbrough in the County of yorke maran[er] being of parfect memory doeth make and ordain this my last will And testament in mannar and form as followeth first I give a[nd] bequeath my soul to allmighty god my makar Redemar and sanctyfyar: And my body to be buryed in the parish Church yard of hacknes: And for my worldly Estat I give and despos as followeth Imprimis I gove and bequeath unto preceley duck my sestar four pownds Item I give and bequeath vinto her tow sons to wit william and Thomas to each of them one pound Item I give unto my sestar Elisabeth wards Children as followeth to william ten shilings and to her three daughtars to each of them three pounds and to her son Thomas four pounds to be payd when he shall acomplish the age of one and twenty years And four shillings yearly to be payd in the meantim towards his mantnanc or Clothing as my excators shall think Conveneant: Item I give to my sistar marcy pickring five pounds. And to her five Cheldren now borne to Each of them one pound Item I give to my sistar mary Coulson Cheldren to Each of them three pounds to be payd when theay shall Com to the age of one and twenty years Item I give to Jane meed wife of Richard Meed tow pounds if she shall be living when the same shall be payable Item I give to Elizabeth Carlile my Cousn one pound if she shall be living when the same shall be due and payable Item I give to the powr of <hacknes> tow pounds if it shall pleas god I be buryed there Item I give to Mr. Richardson minestar of hacknes one penny for preaching for me a funarall sarmen <if> h<e> be living and able Item I give to my sestar Aeson(?) Cheldren to Each of them one pound. Item I give to my brothar william Craven Children to Each of them one pound: And all the rest of my good And Chattells movable and unmovable I give to William Craven my borthar And to John Cokrell my brothar in law to be Eaqualy devided betwext them whome I make Joynt Executors of this my last will and testament In wittness whereof I have hearunto set to my hand and sealle - sealed and signed in the presenc of John Cockerell Elizabeth Cook(?) [her mark]. Proved 28 May 1694 by William Craven of Hilla Green and John Cockerell [residence not legible]. The inventory on 11 April 1694 calls him Thomas Craven of Hillay Green and shows among other items 5 owed by William Craven and 6 owed by the executor of Mr. John Craven late of Scarbrough. [PCY, FHL film #99,627]

The scribe of this will was rather careless and I have tried to reproduce his sometimes inconsistent spellings as they occurred, although his letters are sometimes hard to read. The reading which causes the most difficulty is the name of a sister, Mrs. _eson, for whom the last four letters seem reasonably clear. The first letter resembles a lowercase "d" of some handwritings, which at first glance might suggest the reading "deson", but the letter is not similar to any other "d" elsewhere in the will. Every other "d" in the will has a curved stem (including those at the beginning of a word), whereas the letter before "eson" has what looks like a very straight stem. The initial letters bears a very strong resemblance to appearances of uppercase "A" elsewhere in the will, and that it why I have given that as the tentative reading, despite strong misgivings about the supposed surname "Aeson".

Reference abbreviations

Brompton PR = Parish registers of Brompton (by Sawdon), co. York, FHL film #573,986.

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

Wykeham BT = Bishop's transcripts of Wykeham, co. York, FHL film #990.865.

Wykeham PR = Parish registers of Wykeham, co. York, FHL film #551,585.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 13 May 2011.