James Crawford
of Ballysavage, co. Antrim, Ireland, gentleman, d. 173650.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of death: 19 June 1736 11 April 1750.
Place of death: Unknown.
James Crawford was still living when he wrote his will on 19 June 1736, and he was deceased by 11 April 1750, when William Henry Blair swore that he was a witness of the will [see below].

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Margaret Agnew, living 19 June 1736.
Margaret was still living when James Crawford wrote his will.

The will of James Crawford, the memorial of which is transcribed below, mentioned his three sons Patrick, John, and William. The conjectured identification of his sons Patrick and John is discussed below.

Patrick Crawford, eldest son, living 9 May 1750, perhaps the same person as:
Patrick Crawford of Tureagh or Raloo, b. ca. 1718, d. 22 May 1801, bur. Raloo graveyard;
m. Larne, 1746, Anne Drummond, b. ca. 1718, d. 13 March 1789, bur. Raloo graveyard.

John Crawford, second son, perhaps the same person as:
John Crawford, of Tureagh or Raloo, d. 1792 after 18 February;
m. Larne, co. Antrim, 21 August 1746,
Jane Lyle.

William Crawford, of Dublin, merchant, living 27 January 1775.
Named as the third son in his father's will, William Crawford was still living on 27 January 1775, when he was mentioned in the will of his uncle William Agnew [Will of William Agnew, dated 27 January 1775, proved 24 February 1776, Prerogative Court of Ireland, now lost, but abstracted in Groves Mss. T808/59, FHL film #258,471] He appears as a party to several deeds [Dublin Reg. Deeds: 16 & 17 March 1762, 216/135/142078, FHL film #461,396; 20 November 1770, 287/46/184802, FHL film #531,660; 23 September 1773, mentioning lands in Ballysavage among others, 301/9/198695, FHL film #531,674].

Probable relative (sister?):

Jane Crawford;
m. John Crawford, of Crawfordsburn, fl. 19 June 1736.
According to Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, the wife of John Crawford of Crawfordsburn (a trustee in the will of James Crawford) was Jane, a daughter of Crawford of Ballysavage (first name not given) [BLGI9, 88]. Since the sons of James Crawford were under age at the time of his will, Jane is unlikely to have been his daughter. She was more likely a sister.

Memorial of the will of James Crawfuird of Ballysavage, dated 19 June 1736.

A Memorial of the last will & Testament of Jas. Crawfuird of Ballysavage Barony of County of Antrim Gent. bearing date the nineteenth day of June one Thousand seven hundred and Thirty Six whereby the said James Crawfuird did Grant Bargain ret? & Confirm unto Wm. McCulloch of Piedmount Jno. Crawfuird of Crawfuirdsburn & Wm. Agnew of Killwaughter their Heirs & Assigns all these the Towns Lands of Ballyboutrom lying & being in the Barony of Belfast & County of Antrim the tythes great & small of the Town Land of Moedom in the Barony & County of Antrim & the Lands of Oldmoor & Inner Birkett in the Parish of Dalray, Bailirie of Cunningham & shire of Air in North Brittain with the appurts in Trust to the use of said James Crawford for life & after his decease to the use of Patrick Crawfuird his Eldest Son for life Remainder to his first & every other son in Taile Remainder to Jno. Crawfuird his second son for life Remainder to the first & every other son of the said John Crawfuird in Tail and in Default of such Issue to his third son Wm. Crawfuird for life Remainder to the first & every other son of the said Wm. Crawfuird in Tail with Sevveral other Remainders over with Remainder to the Right Heirs of the said Testator forever and by the said will the said James Crawfuird the Testator did assign unto the said Wm. McCulloch Jno. Crawfuird & Wm. Agnew all that the Town Land of Ballysavage and Part of the Town Land of Moedom the Quarter Land of Tobergall the Quarter Land of Ballynoe Sit. in the Barony of Antrim which held by lease for a term of years under the Right Honorable the Earle of Donnegall with the appurtenances in Trust to Attend & wait upon the Freehold & Inheritance of the said Lands before Mentioned & Subject to the Limitations Charges Debts Provisoes Conditions & agreements in the said will Mentioned & the said Jas. Crawfuird the Testator did devise the sum of Forty pounds a year to his wife Margt. for life & did devise to his son Jno. Crawfuird five hundred pounds & to his son Wm. Crawfuird four hundred pounds & did order & appoint that it Should & Might be Lawfull for the said Wm. McCulloch Jno. Crawfuird & Wm. Agnew his said Trustees & the survivors or survivor of them their heirs assigns & administrators to raise by sale or Mortgage of said rent of personal Estate as Shall discharge all the Just Debts that the said Testator should owe at the Time of his Decease & should pay & discharge the said Several Sums of five hundred pounds and four hundred pounds to his said sons Jno. & Wm. and after devising several other Legacies the said Testator by said will did Appoint the said Wm. McCulloch & Jno. Crawfuird and Wm. Agnew his Executors and Trustees and Guardians of his Sons during their Minority & did Invest them with full Power and authority to raise as Much Money out of his Freehold Lands as would be sufficient to pay his Debts & younger Childrens Fortunes which said Last will & Testament was duly Executed by the said James Crawfuird the Testator in the Presence of Henry Shaw of Ballytweedy in the County of Antrim Gent. Wm. Henry Blair of Blairmount in said County Gent. & Robert Robinson of Ballyclare in the said County Gent. & this Memorial was Executed by the said Wm. Agnew in the Presence of the said <Wm.> Henry Blair & Jno. Arnold of the City of Dublin Gent. Will. Agnew (seal) Signed & sealed in Presence of Wm. Henry Blair Jno. Arnold. The above named William Henry Blair came this day before me and made oath that he is a Subscribing witness to the last will and Testament of the above named Jas. Crawfuird of Ballysavage & saw the Same duly Executed by the said Jams. Crawfuird that he is a subscribing witness to this Memorial & saw the same duly Executed by the above named Willm. Agnew & saith that the name Wm. Henry Blair Subscribed as a witness to the said Last will & also to this Memorial is of this Depts. proper handwriting Wm. H. Blair Sworn before me at Carrickfergus on my Circuit the 11th day of April 1750 A Blenerhassett. Registered the 12th of May 1750 at 11 o Clock in the Forenoon. [Dublin Reg. Deeds 141/143/94738, FHL film #560,265]

Deed abstracts from Dublin registry of deeds.

9 May 1750
Patrick Crawford of Ballysavage, co. Antrim, son & heir to James Craford,
to Wm. Agnew of Killwaghter, Esq.,
for considerations named in deed, lands of Ballybenho, Ballysavage, Ballynore, Tobergill, and tithes and rent due or to become due, held by lease under the earl of Donegall, until the sums of 200 and 130 and interest be paid and until the younger children of the said James Crawford be paid their patrimony. Witnesses: John Houston, John McConnall, both of Killwaghter. Memorial 7 May 1751 witnessed by the said Jno. McConnall and Jno. Arnold of Dublin, gent. [Dublin Reg. Deeds 145/338/98630, FHL film #461,354]

9 November 1750
Right Honble. Arthur Hill of Belvoir, co. Down, of the first part,
to Patrick and John Crawford of Ralloo, co. Antrim, farmers, of the other part,
for considerations named in deed, part of the townland of Toreagh, lordship of Maghrymourn, barony of Belfast, co. Antrim, containing 73 acres, 3 rods, 7 perches, for and during the natural lives of Edward Price of Castlechichester, William Ewing son of John Ewing of Ballygowne, and Thomas Lyle son of Mathew Lyle of Toreagh, and others who shall be added later, for the yearly rent of 11, 15s, 6d with 4s, 6d fees. Witnesses: Edward Price of Castlechichester, Esq., John Moore of Toreagh, farmer. Memorial 10 May 1761 witnessed by said John Moore and John Patterson of Castle Dobbs, co. Antrim, linen draper. [Dublin Reg. Deeds 212/260/139179, FHL film #461,393]

The possible identity of Patrick and John Crawford, sons of James Crawford.

Patrick Crawford, son of James Crawford of Ballysavage, was still alive on 7 May 1750, when he conveyed the lands of Ballysavage and others to his uncle William Agnew [see deed above]. Later that year, a certain Patrick Crawford and John Crawford bought a 73 acre farm together in the nearby parish of Raloo [see deed above]. Here they both stayed until the times of their deaths [see the page of John Crawford for more details]. This Patrick and John Crawford of the parish of Raloo appear to have been brothers (although that relationship is not explicitly documented), and their ages appear to have been the about the same as the ages we would expect for Patrick and John Crawford, the two elder sons of James Crawford of Ballysavage, who were under age in 1736. Thus, there is the obvious question of whether Patrick and John Crawford, sons of James Crawford of Ballysavage, were the same individuals as Patrick and John Crawford of the parish of Raloo. The suggested identification seems to fit well. To my knowledge, Patrick and John, sons of James, do not appear in any known records after 1750, unless they were the same men as Patrick and John of Raloo. Another parentage has been proposed for Patrick and John of Raloo [see the page of John Crawford], but it consists of bare names unsupported by any documentation. Thus, the conjectured identification of the two eldest sons of James Crawford with the Raloo brothers of the same name is quite plausible. However, it falls short of proof.

Reference abbreviations

BLGI9 = Sir Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heralic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland (9th ed., London, 1899).

Dublin Reg. Deeds = Ireland, Registry of Deeds, Dublin.

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