Emma Cowlson
wife of William Dickinson.

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of death or burial: 16512.
Place of burial: Hackness, co. York.
Her burial appears with a blank date in the published parish registers of Hackness. The surrounding entries suggest a date between 26 December 1651 and 4 March 1651/2 [Hackness PRT].

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
See the comments below.

m. Hackness, 24 November 1607, William Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 2 March 1585[/6], d. 12 January 1653[/4], bur. Hackness.
[Hackness PRT]

See the page of William Dickinson for details.

Henry Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 11 September 1608, bur. Wykeham, 26 February 1680[/1];
m. (1) Fylingdales, 7 June 1636,
Mary Flunders;
m. (2) Hackness, 23 May 1654, Ann/Hannah Harland, bur. Wykeham, 26 February 1680[/1].

Arthur Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 11 August 1611.
m. Hutton Bushel, 24 July 1637, Anne Beswick.

_____ Dickinson, bur. Hackness, 16 September 1614.

Elizabeth Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 3 March 1615[/6].

Thomas Dickinson, bp. Hackness, 3 February 1627[/8], bur. there 28 April 1647.

The possible origin of Emma Cowlson

The parish registers of Hackness show the marriage of William Dickinson and Ema Cowlson on 23 November 1607, and the marriage of Richard Beswick and Ema Coulson on 13 June 1608 [Hackness PRT]. This shows that there were two Emma Cowlsons in the parish ca. 1600, who could very easily have been about the same age. There is a baptism at Hackness of an Emma Cowlson, daughter of William, on 17 February 1584[/5] who was presumably the Emma of one of these two marriages, but without further evidence it is impossible to be sure which one of the Emma Cowlsons was William's daughter. I have not found any Cowlson probate records which throw any further light on the matter.

Reference abbreviations

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

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