Thomas Consitt
of Bickley, co. York, d. ca. 1677.

Date of baptism: probably 18 November 1627.
Place of birth or baptism: probably Hackness, co. York.
Thomas Consitt of Bickley is probably to be identified with the Thomas Consett who was baptized at Hackness on 18 November 1627 [Hackness PRT]. See the further discussion under his parentage.

Date of death: before 27 October 1677.
Place of death or burial: Unknown.
His inventory was taken 27 October 1677 [Dean of York peculiar, FHL film #99,346 (the inventory appears by mistake with the will of Thomas Consitt of Bickley, dated 25 March 16567)]

Probable father: Thomas Consitt, of Bickley, d. 25 March 9 May 1657.
Probable mother: Elizabeth Cockerell, living 25 March 1656.
Although this connection is likely, it depends on the identification of Thomas Consitts in two different records. The elder Thomas Consitt of Bickley, whose will was dated 25 March 1657, had a son Thomas, baptized at Hackness on 18 November 1627 and named in his will. This younger Thomas was probably the same as the Thomas Consitt whose estate was administered on 27 October 1677. The potential problem with accepting the identification is that the 1669 bishop's transcripts of Ebberston suggest the possibility that there were two Thomas Consitts in the parish at the time (see below). However, the probability that the parentage as given her is correct is increased by the fact that the children of the present Thomas Consitt and Elizabeth Beverley had an aunt named Mercy [see the will of Elizabeth (Beverley) Consitt on her page], conbined with the fact that the elder Thomas Consitt and Elizabeth Cockerell did in fact have a daughter named Mercy.

Spouse: Elizabeth Beverley, d. 2 July 1679 28 November 1679.

On 13 December 1677, administration of the estate of Thomas Consitt of Bickley, deceased, was granted to Elizabeth Consitt, widow, the minor children of the deceased being listed as Mary, Mercy, Isabel, Edward, Elizabeth, Lidia, and Thomas Consitt [Dean of York peculiar, FHL film #1,966,602]. The will of Elizabeth Consitt, dated 2 July 1679, listed the same children. Although Elizabeth listed her sons and daughters separately, she listed her sons in the order Robert, Thomas, and her daughters in the order Mary, Mercy, Isabell, Elizabeth, Lidia (see the transcript of the will on the page of Elizabeth). Thus, we can be reasonably certain that Thomas Consitt's administration listed the children in order of birth. The bishop's transcripts of Ebberston for 1669 have the two entries "Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Conset babt. June the 28" and "Mecy the daughter of Thomas Conset babt. February the 27" [Ebberston BT]. Now, since these two baptisms are separated by only eight months, it is probable that these two girls were children of different men. The "Mecy" (either Mercy or Mary) baptized on 27 February 1669/70 probably did not have five or six younger siblings born before 13 December 1677, so she does not fit well into the family of the Thomas Consitt whose administration was on 13 December 1677. On the other hand, the Elizabeth who was baptized on 28 June 1669 fits quite well into the family of this Thomas Consitt, leading to estimated dates for the other children as given below. It is possible that the 1669 BT's have a mistake, and that the Mecy Conset there was actually Mercy Consitt, one of the children of Robert Consitt of Bickley listed in his probate record of 10 February 1679/80 [Dean of York peculiar, FHL film #1,966,603; see the page of the elder Thomas Consitt].

Mary Consitt, b. say 1661, living 2 July 1679.

Mercy Consitt, b. say 1663, living 2 July 1679.

Isabel Consitt, b. say 1665, living 2 July 1679.

Edward Consitt, b. say 1667, d. 28 March 8 October 1741;
m. Ebberston, 25 June 1695,
Isabella Beverley, bp. Rillington, 16 February 1672[/3], bur. Ebberston, 20 December 1715.

Elizabeth Consitt, bp. Ebberston, 28 June 1669, living 2 July 1679.

Lydia Consitt, b. say 1671, living 2 July 1679.

Thomas Consitt, b. say 1673, living 2 July 1679.

Reference abbreviations

Ebberston BT = Bishop's transcripts of Ebberston, co. York, FHL film #990,917.

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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