Thomas Consitt
of Bickley, co. York, weaver, d. 16567.

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of death: 25 March 9 May 1657.
Place of death or burial: Unknown.
The will of Thomas Consitt (transcribed below) was dated 25 March 1657, and his inventory was taken on 9 May 1657 [Dean of York Peculiar, FHL film #99,346].

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
Although there are a number of records of earlier Consitts in the area, none can be definitively identified as the father of Thomas Consitt of Bickley. A William Consette of the neighboring parish of Scalby wrote his will on 25 March 1574, naming among others a son Thomas Consette [PCY 19: 830, FHL film #99,476], but he seems too early to be the father of our Thomas. A Thomas Conceitte and Margrett Cooper were married at Hackness on 27 January 1577 (probably 1576/7), and it is likely that this was the Thomas Consit of Hingells in Harwooddaile whose nuncupative will, spoken 23 March 1617[/8] in the hearing of Thomas Cockerill and Thomas Consit, left legacies to Thomas Cowper the son of Andrewe Cowper, Thomas Consit of Barnscliffe (relationship not stated), and wife Margaret Consit [PCY 35: 71, FHL film #99,503]. The parish registers show Thomas Concet of Loskayheade buried on 29 March 1618.

m. Hackness, 22 June 1613, Elizabeth Cockerell, living 25 March 1657.
[Hackness PRT]

[Hackness PRT] Baptisms are not available for the youngest three children, but they appear in Thomas Consitt's will.

Edward Consitt, bp. Hackness, 11 January 1617[/8], not in father's will, 25 March 1657.

Mercy Consitt, bp. Hackness, 23 October 1619;
m. Rillington, 13 November 1649, John Harrison.
[Rillington PRT] John Harison was mentioned as a son-in-law in the will of Thomas Consitt.

Ann Consitt, bp. Hackness, 8 April 1621, living 25 March 1657.
Ann Consitt was mentioned in her father's will.

William Consitt, of Silfoe, bp. Hackness, 12 May 1623, living 1658;
m. _____.
William was mentioed in his father's will. He had several children baptized at Hackness, including a daughter born 15 August 1659 [Hackness PR]

John Consitt, bp. Hackness, 9 October 1625, living 6 June 1679.
John was mentioned as a debtor in the will of his brother Robert Consitt on 6 June 1679 (below).

Thomas Consitt, bp. Hackness, 18 November 1627, probably the same person as:
Thomas Consitt, of Bickley, d. bef. 27 October 1677;
Elizabeth Beverley, d. 2 July 1679 28 November 1679.

Robert Consitt, d. 614 June 1679, bur. Ebberston;
m. Anne _____, living 10 February 1679[/80].
The will of Robert Consitt (transcribed below) was dated 6 June 1679 and proved 1 February 1679/80 by his widow Anne, and his inventory was on 14 June 1679. The will stated that he was to be buried at Ebberston. Robert's widow was perhaps the Anne Consitt who married Edward Crocer at Ebberston on 6 August 1684 [Ebberston PR].

Elizabeth Consitt, living 25 March 1657.
Elizabeth Consitt was mentioned in her father's will.

Mary Consitt, living 25 March 1657, was perhaps the Mary Consitt who:
m. Ebberston, 29 November 1661, Richard Baulke.
[Ebberston BT] Mary Consitt was mentioned in her father's will.

Will of Thomas Conset of Bickley, dated 25 March 1657, proved 1 April 1661.

In the na[me of] god amen I Thomas Conset of Bickley within the parish ebberston and Count[y o]f Yorke weaver weake of bodie yet in perfect minde and remembrance prased be god thinke [--] good to make my last will and Testament not being urged nor provoked by any in manner and forme as followeth first, I Commit my soule to almightie god my maker an[d] my bodye to be buried in the earth Item I give unto my daughter marie Conset twenti[e sh]illings by legacie Item I give unto my sonne william Conset one ewe and one lam for the [use] of mercie Conset his daughter by legacie Item I give unto John Harison my sonne in law one ewe and one lam for the use of Thomas Harison and anne Harison his two Children by legacie Item I give unto my wife Elisabeth my sonne Thomas and my sonne Robert all my ploughes Coupes and waines with all other my draught gere what soever with [----]nes and yoakes and all other thinges theirunto belonging by legacie to be equallie devid[ed a]mongst them Item I give unto my sonne Thomas and my sonne Robert my two loumes and geares and all other thinges belonging to the said loumes by legacie to be equallie devid[ed] betwixt them Item I give unto my sonne John Conset all the profit of all his sheep which [------] kept and wintered this last winter and alsoe my sonne John is to have all his sheep [-------] and kept upon the farme where I now live the next winter following the daite [--------] he to have all the profit of wooll and lam of the said sheep alsoe my will is that [the] same John shall have a sufficient bed with all thinges theirunto belonging in full satisfac[tion of hi]s filiall and Childes portion Item I give unto my daughter Elisabeth seaven shillinges [-------] all my legaices and fun[eral] expences being discharged then the residue of all my [goods m]oveable and unmoveable [I] doe give unto my wife Elisabeth Conset my sonne Thomas C[onset] my <sonne> Robert Conset my d[au]ghter anne Conset my daughter Elisabeth Consat and my dau[ghter] marie Conset for their fili[al] partes and portions to b[e] equallie devided amongst the[m ----] my will <is> that <my> wife Elisabeth my sonne Thomas and m[y] sonne Robert shall have all [--- ri]ght title and interest that belongeth me in the farme and [hou]ses where I now live Item I make my wife Elisabeth my sonn[e] Thomas and my sonne Robert my whole executors [-- per]forme this my last will and Testament in witnes whereof I have sette my my [sic] hand and [seal] this twentie five day of M[a]rch in the yeare of the <our> lord [o]ne thousand sixe hundred fift se[ven]. Sealed s[igned a]nd delivered in the p[resence o]f these witnesses John Har[----] his marke Edmonde Cockerell his [mark] Thomas C[-----]ell. Inventory 9 May 1657, total value 84, 9s., 6d. Proved by Robert Consit on 1 April 1661 [Dean of York peculiar, FHL film #99,346; also on FHL film #1,966,569; both filmings of the damaged will show scraps that are not visible on the other filming]

Will of Robert Consitt, dated 6 June 1679, proved 10 February 1679[/80].

In the name of god amen the vj day of June 1689 1679 I Robert Consitt of becklay in the parish of Eberstone and county of Yorke weaver sicke in bodye but perfect of mind and rememberance thanks be to allmighty god doe make and ordaine this my last will & Testament in manner & form following first I bequeath my f soul to the hand of g[od] and my body to be buryed at the kirk of eberstone Item first I make my wife executore administrator and assine of all my goods and C<h>attels movable and unmoveable Item I owe unto [Hen]ry dickenson of landel bridg[e] the sum of 4li-0[-0] Item I owe unto my brother John 2-10-6 Item I owe unto william Cokerelle of goadland 2-11- Item I owe unto ellizabeth Clay of goadland 0-13-4 In witnesse whereof I have caused this will to be maide [and] set to my hand and seale [the day] and yeare fisrt above written William Consitt (his marke) Thomas Cokerell (his marke) Arthur Be[-torn-]. Inventory 14 June 1679, total value 45, 13s., 4d. Proved by Anne Consitt on 10 February 1679[/80], where the minor children of the deceased were listed as Elizabeth, Mercie, Thomas, and William Consitt. [Dean of York peculiar, FHL film #1,966,603; also available on film #99,350]

Reference abbreviations

Ebberston PR = Parish registers of Ebberston, co. York, FHL film #566,180.

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

Rillington PRT = A. J. Cholmley, The Parish Registers of Rillington, 1638-1812 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 117, 1948).

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