Robert Casse
of Sawdon, co. York, d. 1585.

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of burial: 11(?) February 1584[/5].
Place of burial: Brompton by Sawdon, co. York.
He was called Robert Casse "the younger" in his burial record. Robert Casse "the elder", whose relationship is unknown, had been buried a month earlier, on 14 January 1584[/5] [Brompton PR].

Father: Rowland Casse, of Sawdon, d. 1 August 1571 2 October 1572.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Elizabeth _____, bur. Brompton, 5 August 1634, m. (2) Brompton, 12 May 1588, William Casse.
See the page of Elizabeth for transcripts of the wills of Elizabeth Casse and William Casse, and for a discussion of the evidence that William Casse's wife was the same person a Robert Casse's widow.

The three children were named in Robert Casse's will, transcribed below. The probate act of Robert Casse mentions his minor children as Gregory, Anne, and Alice. The will of Robert's brother Gregory Casse, dated 3 August 1585, refers to the four ("iiij") children of his brother Robert Casse, all apparently underage [for a transcript of the will of Gregory Casse, see the page of Rowland Casse]. The estimated birthdates are based on the reasonable estimate that the youngest child Alice was about eighteen at her first marriage.

Gregory Casse, b. say 1576, living 3 August 1585.
The Brompton registers show the burial of a Gregory Casse on 6 May 1586 who could be either this Gregory Casse or the same named son of Robert's brother John [Brompton PR].

Anne Casse, b. say 1578, living 3 August 1585.

Alice Casse, b. say 1580;
m. (1) Brompton, 19 November 1598, William Norrison, bur. Brompton, 20 January 1612[/3];
m. (2) Brompton, 12 November 1615,
William Carlill, bp. Brompton, 24 August 1588, bur. there 18 October 1639.
[Brompton PR]

_____ Casse.
Another child is indicated by the will of Robert's brother Gregory Casse, which gives a legacy to the unnamed four children of Robert [see the page of Rowland Casse]..

Will of Robert Casse of Sawdon, dated 4 February 1584[/5], proved 27 March 1585.

In the name of god Amen The fourthe day of Februarie Anno domini a thousand fyve hundreth eyghtie foure I Roberte Casse of Sawdon and of the parishe of Brumpton beinge sicke in bodie but of remembrance good and perfect lawded be god do make this my last will and testament in manor and forme followinge First I give my soule to almightie god my maker And to Jesus Christ my redemer And my bodie to be buried in the parishe Churche of Brumpton. Item I give to my wyfe Elizabethe the occupacion one housse and one oxgange of Land with thappurtenances lyinge in Brumpton in the occupacion of Thomas Cowtesse duringe her widowhead and then at suche tyme as my said wyfe shall marie the occupacion of the said house and oxgange of Land shall discend and Come to my brother John Casse or his assignes duringe suche intrest as I hav or ought to have in the same. Item I give to Anne Casse my doughter a dune stagge of thre yeares old Item I give to Alice Casse my doughter a Baye stagge of two yeares old. Item I give to eyther of my doughters a Cowe. Item I give to my sonne Gregorie Casse a Cowe. Item I give to Nycholas Roberts vicare of Brumpton a mett of malt. Item I give to Ustans Casse a mett of malt to his marriage. Item I give to william whytfeilds two Children that he had with my syster to eyther of them a gymer lambe. Item I give to John Readheads doughter a gymer Lambe. The Rest of my goodes both moveable and unmoveable my dettes beinge discharged my bodie honestlie buried I give to my wyfe Elizabeth Casse and to my sonne Gregorie And to my doughters Anne and Alice whome I make the executores of this my last will and testament. Witnesses Nycholas Robertes vicare of Brumpton. John Casse. Gregorie myles Frannces merreye with others. Proved 27 March 1585 [PCY 22: 644, FHL film #99,480]

Reference abbreviations

Brompton PR = Parish registers of Brompton (by Sawdon), co. York, FHL film #573,986.

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

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