Rowland Casse
of Sawdon, in the parish of Brompton, co. York.

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of death: 1 August 1571 2 October 1572.
Place of burial: Brompton by Sawdon, co. York.
The will of Rowland Casse, transcribed below, dated 1 August 1571 and proved 2 October 1572, stated that he was to be buried at Brompton.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse(s): Unknown.

Rowland Casse's six sons were named in his will. The known daughter comes from the will of his son Robert (transcribed on his page).

John Casse, of Sawdon, d. 13 March 1601[/2] 8 May 1606;
m. _____.

Michael Casse, living 3 August 1585.
Michael was living on 3 August 1585, when he was mentioned in the will of his brother Gregory.

Robert Casse, bur. Brompton, 11(?) February 1584[/5];
Elizabeth _____, bur. Brompton, 5 August 1634, who m. (2) Brompton, 12 May 1588, William Casse.

Gregory Casse, of Ruston, d. 3 August 16 October 1585, bur. Wykeham;
m. Anne Hall, living 16 October 1585.
His will, transcribed below, dated 3 August 1585, and proved 16 October 1585, stated that he was to be buried at Wykeham, and mentions among others his wife Anne and her children Margaret Hall and Anthony Hall.

Roger Casse, bur. Brompton, 23 March 1592[/3].
[Brompton PR]

William Casse, living 3 August 1585.
William was living on 3 August 1585, when he was mentioned in the will of his brother Gregory. Because there was more than one William Casse in the area, he is difficult to identify in other records.

_____ Casse (daughter);
m. William Whitfield.
The will of Robert Casse (transcribed on the page of Robert Casse) gives a legacy "to William Whytfeilds two Children that he had with my syster".

Will of Rowland Casse of Sawdon, dated 1 August 1571, proved 2 October 1572.

In dei nomine amen the firste day of August in the yeare of our lorde god 1571 I Rowland Casse of Sawdon within the parishe of brompton beinge hooll of minde and of perfecte Remembrannce do ordeine and make this my last will and Testamente in writinge in manner and fourme Folowinge Firste I give my soull to allmightie god and to all the Celestiall Companie of heaven and my bodie to be buried within the Church yeard of brompton Also I give and bequeathe to the poore mans box of the said churche xijd Item I give and bequeath to Roberte Casse my sonne the hooll Farmehold which he nowe dwellethe in with all the lan[d]s(?) and ----- belonginge unto yt the which the I nowe do occupie my selfe for the terme of six yeares paiing yearlie to John Casse my sonne the Rente of xviijs & to his heires Item I give and bequeathe to william Casse my sonne at the end of the aforesaid yeares of Roberte casse other six yeares painge xviijs to John casse or his heires by yeares Item I will that Christofer trotte have the house that he dwellethe in duringe his(?) liffe paienge(?) the Rente of five shillinges by yeare to william Casse my sonne Also I give and bequeathe to william Casse my sonne and to his heyres lawfullie begotten the Cottaige that Christofer Riette(?) dwellethe in with all the profitts and comodities thereto belonginge for ever Item I give and bequeathe to John Casse my sonne and to his heires the Revercion of all my landes and Tenementes in Sawldon or whearsoever they be with all my deides and evidences Condicionallie that he shall enter in bonnde to pay eighteine pownds within thre yeares after my decease that is to saye to Michaell Casse iijli xijs Roberte Casse iijli xijs to gregorye casse iijli xijs to Roger Casse iijli xijs to william casse iijli xijs my children and yf that John my sonne do Refuse to pay all the foresaid Sommes of mony and to performe this my last wyll and Testamente accordinge to my trewe meaninge then I will that Roberte Casse and Gregorye casse my sonnes shall have and enioye to them and ther heyres for ever all my said landes and Tenements and they to pay the Sommes at such tyme as ys afforesaid Item I give and bequeathe to sir Richarde chelmeley the best horse or mare that I have at the day of my deathe the which he will chose also I make him supervisor of this my last will and Testamente desiringe him as my moste trust is to be favorable unto my Children and to see this my will fulfilled and that none of my children shall do unto other any wronge I give and bequeathe to I Franncis doughter to John Casse one arke which is in her Fathers howse Item I give and bequeathe to william Casse my sonne one cowe called savertoppe(?) The Residewe of my goods unbequeathed my depts and Funerall expens[e]s paid I give unto gregorie Casse Roger Casse and william Casse my sonnes whom I make my executors of this my last will and Testamente In witnes whearof I have sette my hand and seall the day and yeare above written Theis witnesses Christofer Riette(?) and william norison Item the said Rowland Casse did give unto his <Sonne> Roberte Casse - one mare as he boughte hir of his brother michaell Casse and to pay for hir at martinmas - ---- xiiijs theis witnesses william norison and John miles. Proved 2 October 1572. [PCY 19: 305, FHL film #99,475; very difficult to read in places]

Will of Gregorye Casse of Ruston, dated 3 August 1585, proved 16 October 1585.

In the name of God amen the thirde day of August, in the yere of our lorde god 1585, I Gregorye Casse of Ruston, beinge sick of bodye, but whole of mynde, and of good and perfecte Remembrance, makes and ordeines this my last will and testament in manner and forme following First I bequiethe my soule to Almyghtie god, my maker and Redemer and my bodye to be buryed in my parishe Churche Earthe of Wykehame, Item I geve and bequiethe to Anne Casse my wife one Cottage house in sawden in the tenure of Thomas Edmonnde. Item I geve and bequiethe to my brother John Casse my Ainncient tenemente ----- Ca-- Close, A medowe Close Called the wheate Close, And A Close Called the Whithead Close, and thre oxegangs of feild lande, and medowe and fowre oxgange of more land, Condicionallye, that he shall paye vij li xs, unto Roger Casse my brother and xs to mychaell Casse my brother, which he shall pay within thre yeres after my decease, And I will that he shall paye unto my brother Robert Casse iiij Children iiij li, everye one of them xxs when they Come to lawfull age, provided alwayes that he John Casse shall suffer my wife to have the occupacion of the said tenemente before Recyted, with all the Closes above named and thre oxgangs of felde lande. and fower oxegange of more lande with thappurtenances duringe her naturall life, Item I geve to my said brother John Casse Certayne l--- Called oxecrofts to have dureinge his naturall life, and after him to Gregorie Casse his sonne, to have all the said tenement Closes Medowes feilde landes and moore landes with thappurtenances to him and his heires for ever, And if he dye without heires males, then to Returne to the next of the full blood(?) of the gyver. Item I geve to Roger Casse my brother my blacke nage, a sadle and the best of my apparell. Item I geve to my brother william Casse --- ----- with a litle Close and Certayne ----- lande in the [tenure] of wydowe ------ to him and his heires forever The Resydue of my goodes my debts and funerall expences discahrged I give to Anne Casse my wife, margaret Hall her daughter and Anthonye Hall her sonne, whome I make my sole executors, of this my last will and testament These witnesses John Robinson, John and[er?]son, and william williamson with others. Proved 16 October 1585. [PCY 23: 107, FHL film #99,481; the microfilm copy is very difficult to read]

Reference abbreviations

Brompton PR = Parish registers of Brompton (by Sawdon), co. York, FHL film #573,986.

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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