Richard Carlill
of Brompton (by Sawdon), co. York, d. 1583.

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of death: 9 October 10 December 1583.
Place of burial: Brompton by Sawdon, co. York.
Richard Carlill's will, transcribed below, dated 9 October 1583 and proved 10 December 1583, stated that he was to be buried at Brompton.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Catherine _____, d. 16 February 1584[/5] 27 September 1585.

Henry and Elizabeth were mentioned in the will of Richard Carlill, and all four children were mentioned in the will of Catherine Carlill (see the page of Catherine _____ for a transcript of her will).

Henry Carlill, living 27 April 1611;
m. Brompton, 14 October 1585,
Frances Casse, who m. (2) James Burton.

John Carlill, of Snainton, bur. Brompton, 1 January 1620[/1];
m. Anne _____, bur. Brompton, 18 November 1626.
[Brompton PR] The will of John's son Guy Carlill of Snainton, dated 20 November 1620, mentioned his father John and mother Anne [PCY 37: 8, FHL film #99,506].

Elizabeth Carlill, living 16 February 1584[/5];
m. Brompton, 18 July 1593, John Harrison.
[Brompton PR]

Amy Carlill, living 16 February 1584[/5];
m. _____ Barker.
A Henry/Harry Barker is mentioned in both the wills of Richard Carlill and Catherine Carlill.


Thomasine (presumably Carlill), living 9 October 1583;
m. _____ Dickinson.
She was mentioned in Richard Carlill's will.

Other relatives?:

It is worth noting that the wills of both Richard and Catherine Carlill mention a certain Jane Cockerell and five Nesfield children.

Will of Richard Carlyll of Brompton, dated 9 October 1583, proved 10 December 1583.

In the name of god Amen, the nynthe daye of October Anno domini 1583. I Richard xxxx Carlyll of Brompton in Pickeringlythe within the countie of yorke husbandman sicke in bodie And whole in mynd makethe this my last will and testament in this maner and forme Followinge; First I give my soule to al myghtie god my maker and to Jesus Christe my saviour, and redemer, And my bodie to be buried within the Churche of Brompton and my mortuarie as the Law will. Item I give unto Elsabethe Carlill my doughter one whyt Ridged whye. Item I give unto Henrie Barker, tenne sheepe, Item I give unto Guy Nesfeild, John nesfeild, William Nesfeild, Elsabethe Nesfeild, And Anne Nesfeild everye one of the[m] one Gymer Hogge Item I give unto Jane Cockerill one yewe. Item I give unto Richard Carlill and mathewe Carlill eyther of them one Gymmer Lambe, Item I give unto Tomysone Dickinsone my syster one halfe a stone of wole. Item I give unto Henrie Carlill my sonne one Bone wayne. Item I give unto Katherine my wyfe one bonnd wayne Item I give unto Katherine my wyfe my farmehold duringe her wyddowe. And after her widdowe head. Item I give yt unto Henrie my sonne. The residue of my goodes my detts paid my will and funerall expences fulfilled I give unto Katherine my wyfe, And Henrie Carlill my sonne whome I make full executoures of this my last will and testament. Thes beinge witnesses william mylles, Henrie Barker, and Frannces my wyfe myrrye. Proved 10 December 1583 by Catherine the relict and Henry the son. [PCY 22: 481, FHL film #99,479; xxxx indicates an illegible word crossed out]

Reference abbreviations

Brompton PR = Parish registers of Brompton (by Sawdon), co. York, FHL film #573,986.

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

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