Arthur Beverley
of Rillington, co. York, gent., d. 1656.

Date of birth: say 1580.
Place of birth: Unknown.
His parents were married in 1576. He was still young enough that his father's 1596 will provided a guardian for him [see the page of Peter Beverley], yet he was married by 1602 (see below). Thus, the birthdate estimated here should be close.

Date of burial: 11 April 1656.
Place of burial: Rillington, co. York.
[Rillington PR]

Father: Peter Beverley, of Rillington, d. betw. 16 April 1596 and 14 October 1601.
Mother: Mary _____, bur. Rillington, bef. 16 April 1596.

Spouse: Unknown.
m. bef. 18 July 1602, ______.
The diary of Lady Margaret Hoby states that Arthur Beverley visited with his wife on 18 July 1602, so he was married before that date [Moody (1998), 182]. The name of Arthur Beverley's wife is unknown, unless she was the Mtrs. Ann Beuerley who was buried at Rillington on 12 June 1658 [Rillington PR; Rillington PRT mistakenly has 12 May].


Peter Beverley, b. say 1605, bur. Rillington, 16 April 1667;
m. soon after 19 January 1628/9,
Catherine Bell.
On 19 January 1628/9, Arthur Beverley, of Rillington, gent., settled one oxgang of land in Rillington on his eldest son Peter Beverley prior to Peter's marriage with Katherine Bell spinster, daughter of Lawrence Bell of Rillington, deceased [HUMAD, ref. DDLG/29/13].

Philip Beverley, bur. Rillington, 13 October 1636.
[Rillington BT, which gives his parentage] The estate of Philip Beverley of Rillington was administered on 22 October 1636 by Christopher Beverley, gent. [Buckrose Act Book, fol. 263, FHL film #99,999].

Relatives, possibly sons:

Christopher Beverley of East Heslerton, d. bef. 12 June 1648.
m. Elizabeth _____, living 15 March 1686[/7], who m. (2) Edward Dowsland, will dated 15 March 1686[/7].
Christopher Beverley of East Heslerton died before 12 June 1648, when his inventory was taken. On 18 July 1648, his widow Elizabeth administered his estate, his minor children being Anne Beverley and Mary Beverley [Chancery court of York, FHL film #99,383]. The estate of Anne Beverley was administered by her mother Elizabeth, wife of Edward Dowsey, Mary Beverley, the other daughter of Elizabeth Dowsey also being mentioned [Buckrose Act Book, fol. 433, FHL film #100,000]. That Elizabeth's second husband was in fact Edward Dowsland seems likely, because an Edward Dowsland was party to the administration bond of Christopher Beverley on 18 July 1648, and the will of Edward Dowsland of East Heslerton, dated 15 March 1686[/7], named a wife Elizabeth [Dean and Chapter of York, Vacancy Act Book 203, FHL film #1,785,886]. The fact that Christopher Beverley administered the estate of Philip Beverley clearly places him in this family. East Heslerton is close to Rillington.

John Beverley, bur. Rillington, 19 March 1666[/7].
The will of John Beverley of Rillington, dated 17 April 1665, and proved 8 May 1668, mentioned eldest son Thomas Beverley, youngest son Phillipp Beverley, second son John Beverley, servant Jane Fenton, servant Robert Blackburne, Mary Beverley (relationship not given), and wife Ellen Beverley, with Peter Beverley, Arthur Beverley, Thomas Beverley, Thomas Agar, Lawrence Agar, and Francis Agar as feoffees for his children [PCY 49: 391, FHL film #99,577]. Since Peter Beverley's two eldest sons were named Arthur and Peter [see the page of Peter Beverley], and John had a daughter baptized in 1650 [Elizabeth, bp. 11 April 1650, Rillington PR], it is unlikely that John was Peter's son, so he is more likely to have been his brother.

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