Robert Audas (Audus)
of Hutton Bushel, co. York, d. 16589.

Date of baptism: 13 November 1608.
Place of baptism: Hackness, co. York.
[Hackness PR]

Date of death: Between 6 September 1658 and 10 June 1659.
Place of death or burial: Unknown.
Robert Audas executed his will on 6 September 1658 (transcribed below), and he was mentioned as deceased in the will of his father Matthew Audas on 10 June 1659 (see the page of Matthew Audas for a transcript of his will).

Father: Matthew Audas, bp. Hutton Bushel, 23 September 1582, d. 10 June 6 September 1659.
Mother: Alice Harwood, bur. Hutton Bushel, 9 October 1655.

m. 1638 (lic.)
Elizabeth Wilson, who m. (2) Francis Jordan.
["Robert Awdons ? yeoman, Hutton Bushell, and Elizabeth Wilson, spinster, 21, Scarborough - at Hutton Bushel." Paver's ML (1630-1714), 40: 134; "Awdons" should alomst certainly be read as "Awdous"]

These five children were all mentioned in the will of Robert Audas (see below) and also in the will of Robert's father Matthew (see the page of Matthew Audas). Of these children, birth or baptism records are missing for all except Matthew. Two burials and a marriage occur under the spellings Oadis/Oudis in the registers of Reighton, where Elizabeth had moved with her family after her marriage to Francis Jordan. The fact that these entries actually involve the Audas family is proven by the naming of Francis Jordan as the "father" of William "Oadis" in his burial record, and the naming of bartholomew Johnson as the executor of the younger Robert Audas.

Robert Audas, bur. Hutton Bushel, 10 January 1675[/6].
[Hutton Bushel PR] His will, transcribed below, was dated 2 January 1675[/6], and proved 14 June 1677.

Elizabeth Audas, bur. Reighton, 19 January 1666[/7].
["Elizabetha Oudis spinster sepult 19 die Januarij" Reighton BT]

Margarett Audas
m. Reighton, 11 December 1666, Bartholomew Johnson of Spreton.
["Bartholemeus Johnson de Spreton et Margereta Oudis Nupt fuit 11 die Decembris" Reighton BT]

William Audas, bur. Reighton, 20 May 1662.
["Gulielmus Oadis fil' Francisc' Jordan sepult 20 die Maij" Reighton BT]

Matthew Audas, b. 5 November 1656, bp. Hackness, d. 20 January 174[0/]1, bur. Hutton Bushel;
m. 3 February 1686[/7]
Catherine Kay, b. ca. 1765, d. 1 April 1743, bur. Hutton Bushel.

Will of Robert Audus (the elder), dated 6 September 1658, proved 14 November 1661.

September 6th 1658 In the name of God Amen I Robert Audus of Hutton Bushell in Pickering Lith <with>in the Countie of Yorke Yeoman sick of bodie but of good and perfect <of> memorie praised be God doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme as followeth, First I doe bequeath my soule to God who gave it hoping through the meritts of Jesus Christ, to have forgivenesse for my sinnes, and as for my body to be disposed of as my friends thinkes most fitt, as for my Temporall goods I thuse of them dispose, Item I give and bequeath to my sonne Robert Audus One Oxgange of Arrable land with meadow and pasture thereunto belonging lyeing in Hutton Bushell feild, with halfe of fenton Close when as he Cometh att lawful age, Item I give to my sonne Robert Audus two Oxgangs of Land the the [sic] which my Father Mathew Audus hath in possession after my Fathers desease when as he cometh att age paying to my sonne William Audus Tenn pounds when that he Cometh to perfett age, And to my daughter Elizabeth Audus Six pounds And my daughter Margrett Audus Six pounds, when as they they Come att age, Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Robert Audus All my Waynes, Ploues, Yoakes, Teames with all othere husband geares thereunto belonging, Item I bequeath to my son Mathew Audus One Oxgange of Lande the which I bought of Thomas Lighton after my wifs desease to him and his heires for ever, As for all my other goods as Corne and Cattell And all that I have, I bequeath to my Wife to bring up my Children and paying of my debts, And make her my Executrix, In witnese whereof I have sett to my hand and seall the day and yeare abovesaid Robert Audus singed [sic] and sealled in the presence of And. Robinson John Farside Thomas Robinson William Storr My desire is that Mr. John Farsid and Andrew Robinson shall be supervisors of this my Will. Proved 14 November 1661 by Elizabeth Jordan alias Awdus, relict of the deceased and now wife of Francis Jordan. [Will: PCY 44: 178, FHL film #99,569; probate: Dickering Act Book, FHL film #100,000]

Will of Robert Audus (the younger), dated 2 January 1675/6, proved 14 June 1677.

In the name of God Amen the Second day of Jenuary in the yeare of our Lord 1675 I Robert Audus of Hutton Bushell in the North Ridding of the County of Yorke and with in the Dioces of Yorke beinge weake in body but in perfect Memory doe make and ordaine this my Last Will and Testament in Manner and forme following first I give and bequeath my soule to Almighty god hopeing th[r]ough the a Love [sic] Meritts of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer to have full pardon and Remission of all my sinns and my body to be buried in the Church yeard of hutton Bushell as a [sic] for my worldly goods I give as Followeth Inprimis I give unto Barthomue [sic] Johnson one paire of Blacke steeres one Bay Nagg one black Cow and the Corne sowne upon the Ground Item I give unto Mathew Audus my Brother all the wood all revey [sic] butt about the yeard and houses and one paire of Waines Wheeles Item [I] give unto Francis Jordan my Brother twenty shillings to be paid to him when he shall accomplish the age of fouerteene yeares Item I give unto him the said Francis Jordan one Close Bed and the Bedding their unto belonging and my Will is that Bartholimue Johnson shall pay the said sume of Twenty shillings unto the said Francis Jordan at the age afore mentioned which said Bartholimue Johnson I doe make and ordaine the sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament Witness my hand and seale the day and yeare above Written my minde and Will is that Bartholimue Johnson my Executor shall have my Land untill such time as my brother Mathew Audus Come to age Robert Audus witnes William Storr William Frank his mark William Robinson. Proved 14 June 1677 [PCY 57: 440, FHL film #99,586]

Reference abbreviations

Hackness PR = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

Hutton Bushel PR = Parish register transcripts of Hutton Bushel, co. York, FHL film #558,353.

Paver's ML (1630-1714) = John William Clay, ed., "Paver's Marriage Licences", Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series 40 (1908); 43 (1909); 46 (1911) [vol. 40: 1630-44; vol. 43: 1660-74; vol. 46: 1674-1714].

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

Reighton BT = Bishop's transcripts of Reighton, co. York, FHL film #919,203.

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