Robert Audas (Audace, Awdus)
of West Ayton, co. York, d. 1625

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of burial: 16 November 1625.
Place of burial: Hutton Bushel, co. York.
[Hutton Bushel PRT]

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
A Robert Audes who was buried at Hutton Bushel on 27 October 1606 would make a reasonable candidate for his father [Hutton Bushel PR], but there is no direct evidence of his parentage.


(1) m. 1579 or before, NN, bur. at Hackness on 12 April 1597.
[Hackness PRT]

(2) m. Hutton Bushel, 30 May 1598, Alice Pennock, living 23 September 1623.
[Hutton Bushel PRT]

Children by first wife:
The son Matthew is documented by the will of Robert Audas (transcribed below), the rest by parish registers [Hutton Bushel PRT; Hackness PRT]. None of the daughters was mentioned in Robert's will on 23 September 1623.

Frances Audas, bp. Hutton Bushel, 7 February 1578[/9].

Elizabeth Audas, bp. Hutton Bushel, 12 February 1580[/1], bur. there 12 September or 31 October 1581.
The parish registers of Hutton Bushel show two burials for an Elizabeth Audes daughter of Robert Audes, 12 Sep. 1581 and 31 Oct. 1581 [Hutton Bushel PRT].

Matthew Audas, bp. Hutton Bushel, 23 September 1582, d. 10 June 6 September 1659;
m. Hutton Bushel, 19 November 1605,
Alice Harwood, bur. Hutton Bushel, 9 October 1655.

Anne Audas, bp. Hackness, 28 August 1592.

Alice Audas, bp. Hackness, 24 April 1595.

William Audas, bur. Hackness, 31 May 1598 (order with above children unknown).

NN (perhaps the same as one of the above daughters), bur. Hackness, 22 June 1596.

Will of Robert Audace of West Ayton, dated 23 September 1623, proved 9 April 1624.

In dei nomine amen the xxiijth daye of September Anno domini 1623 I Robert Audace of Westayton in the County of Yorke Yeoman sicke in body but of good and perfect memorie praised be almightie god do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following First I give my soule into the handes of Almightie god my maker and Creator hopeing and beleiving thoroughe the meritts of my saviour Jesus Christ to have full remission and forgivnes of all my synnes and my bodie to be buried in the Churchyard of Huton bushell As for my temporal goods Chattells and landes I dispose them as followeth First I give and bequeath unto Robert Audace Anne Audace Margarett Audace Elizabeth Audace Mary Audace and Jane Audace my sonne Mathew Audace his Children every one of them xls Item I give unto Alice Audace my wife my house and farmeholde wherein I now dwell with all other groundes garthes and inclosures which I do now possesse occupie enioye or have in my owne Custodie for and during her life natural for her to live upon, except and reserved unto my sonne Mathew Audace one little house called my workhouse with all my wood and working tooles in the same and also my west barne to be and remaine to his use and behoofe Provided alwaies that my wife or her assignes shall make no wilfull waist in or about my houses or groundes during her said life Item I give unto my sonne Mathew Audace the third parte of all the Apples and fruits which shall yerely come growe and increase of all the fruit trees about or in any of my orchards garth or Closes And after the death of my said wife Alice Audace my will is that my said house farme garthes Closes and orchards with thappurtenances to come and remaine unto my sonne Mathew Audace his heires and assignes with all my whole estate right title and interest in and to the same for ever or for all my tearme therein Item I give unto my wife Alice Audace two kyne & a quy with calfe Item I give unto my wife Alice Audace and to my sonne Mathew Audace all my household stuffe equally to be devided betwene them And when the same is so devided my will is that my wife shall have her choyse whether part shee will have Item unto my godson Robert Parr ijs Item I give unto the poore vs Item I give unto my sonne Mathew Audace my Chist & writings & all things therein The rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts paid and funerall expences discharged I give unto my sonne Mathewe Audace whome I make sole Executor of this my last will and testament Witnesses hereof Phillip Nesbett Leger Banbery Roger Claxton. Proved 9 April 1624 by Matthew Audace. [PCY 38:13, FHL film #99,508]

Reference abbreviations

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

Hutton Bushel PRT = Parish register transcripts of Hutton Bushel, co. York, FHL film #558,353.

PCY = Prerogative and Exchequer Court of the Archbiship of York.

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