Matthew Audas (Audace, Awdous)
of West Ayton, co. York, d. 1659.

Date of baptism: 23 September 1582.
Place of baptism: Hutton Bushel, co. York.
[Hutton Bushel PRT]

Date of death: 10 June 6 September 1659.
Place of death or burial: Unknown.
Matthew Audas was still alive on 10 June 1659 when he executed his will, but deceased on 6 September 1659 when the will was proved (see below).

Father: Robert Audas, bur. Hutton Bushel, 16 November 1625.
Mother: Unknown.

m. Hutton Bushel, 19 November 1605, Alice Harwood, bur. Hutton Bushel, 9 October 1655.
[Hutton Bushel PRT]

[Hackness PRT; will (transcribed below); will of Robert Audas (see his page)]

Anne Audas, bp. Hackness, 30 August 1606, living 10 June 1659;
m. _____ Robinson.

Robert Audas, bp. Hackness, 13 November 1608, d. betw. 6 September 1658 and 10 June 1659;
m. 1638 (lic.)
Elizabeth Wilson, who m. (2) Francis Jordan.

Margaret Audas, bp. Hackness, 22 June 1611, bur. there 21 September 1611.

Margaret Audas, bp. Hackness, 18 October 1612, living 23 September 1623 (grandfather's will), not in her father's will, 10 June 1659.

Elizabeth Audas, bp. Hackness, 17 December 1615, living 23 September 1623 (grandfather's will), not in her father's will, 10 June 1659.

Mary Audas, bp. Hackness, 29 November 1618, living 10 June 1659;
m. [9 December?] 1656, John Clapam of Scarborough.
The parish register transcripts of Hutton Bushel give her husband's name as John Clayton, but the will of Matthew Audas gives the name as Clapam. The marriage supposedly occurred on 9 November after intentions given 16, 23, and 30 November [Hutton Bushel PRT]. Thus, 9 November appears to be an error for 9 December. (I did not have access to the original parish registers of Hutton Bushel.)

Jane Audas, bp. Hackness?, 14 April 1622?;
m. Hutton Bushel, 4 October 1659, William Sheapard.
The registers of Hackness show the baptism of a Jane Audus daughter of Robert Awdus on 14 April 1622. Since known individuals named Robert Audas in the area were not having children around this time, and since Matthew Audas is known from his will to have had a daughter named Jane, it seems likely that this baptism record is in error, and that the name of Jane's grandfather was accidently entered instead of the name of her father. In any case, Jane Audas was probably born after her sister Mary, and certainly before 23 September 1623, the date of her grandfather's will, where she is named last among the children of Matthew Audas [see the transcript of the will on the page of Robert Audas]. She was unmarried at the time of her father's will on 10 June 1659, and was presumably the Jane Audas who was married to William Sheapard later that year.

Grace Audas, bp. Hackness, 27 August 1626;
m. Hutton Bushel, 1 May 1660, Michael Sturtle.
The surname is spelled "Aldas" in Grace's baptism [Hackness PRT]. [Hutton Bushel PRT]

Will of Mathew Awdice, dated 10 June 1659, proved 6 September 1659.

In the name of God Amen the Tenth day of June in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred fifty nine I Mathew Awdice of West Ayton in Pickeringe Lythe in the County of Yorke Yeoman being sicke and weake in body but of perfect remembrance thankes bee unto Almighty God doe hereby make ordaine & appointe this my last will and Testament in manner and forme Following First I give and Comend my soule into the handes of my gracious God in Jesus Christ my blessed saviour and redemer trusting through the power of his holly spirritt to bee raised from the dust of the grave at the last day to live in everlasting glory and my body to the earth whereof it was made to bee buried in the Churchyard at Hutton Bushell neare unto my late deceased deere Loveing wife And as for the temporall estate which it hath pleased God to bestow uppon mee I doe hereby give bequeath and dispose of as followeth Inprimis I give and bequeath unto my two daughters Jane Audace and Grace Awdace my close and orchard and one Kilne and backhouse standing and being uppon the same with all the trees woods underwoods hedg groves and appurtenances thereunto belonging and lyeth and adjoyneth on the ground of William Temple of West Ayton aforesaid on the north equally divided betwene them Unto the said Grace Awdace and Jane Awdace my said daughters <and to> their heires and assignes forever Item I give unto my daughter Grace Awdace my close of meadow or pasture ground containeing about halfe an acre comonly called by the name of Manscoor close adioyneing on the ground of William Temple of West Ayton aforesaid on the south with all and singuler the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said Grace Awdace my daughter and to her heirs and assignes for ever Item I give unto my grandchildren my sonne Robert Awdace his Children of Hutton Bushell late deceased That is to say to Robert, Elizabeth, Margarett, William and Mathew Awdace to every of them twelve pence Item I give and bequeath unto my daughters Anne Jane and Grace Awdace their heires executors administrators and assignes all that my Messuage or Tenement wherein I now dwell scituate in West Ayton aforesaid with all houses edifices and buildings thereunto belonging and a garth or close lying on the backside thereof now divided into three parts with right of Comon priviledges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or appertaineing after my life naturall dureing all the terme of one thousand yeares in the Lease yet to come and unexpired and the lease thereof dated the tenth day of September one thousand six hundred and Twelve And my mind and will further is That my said daughter Grace Awdace may have Liberty to choose her part thereof out of the said Messuage or Tenement and premisses with thappurtenances according to her likeing Item I give unto my my [sic] daughter Mary wife of John Clapam of Scarborough Weaver eight poundes of Lawful money of England To bee paid within six monthes next after my decease by my Executrix hereafter named for and in full discharge and satisfaction of her Childs part and porcion Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Grace Awdace two partes of my houshold stuffe Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane Awdace the thirde part of my household stuffe Item I give unto my daughter Anne Robinson one Cowe Item I give unto Alice Clapam the daughter of John Clapam my grandchild twenty shillings to bee paid when hee [sic] shall come to the age of Fifteene Yeares Item I give unto my daughter Grace Awdace one cowe and one Scolt(?) Item I give unto the poore of West Ayton three shillings and foure pence to bee distributed a month after my decease Item I give and bequeath all the rest of my quicke goods and moveable goods and all my husband geere to bee equally divided between my daughters Jane Awdace and Grace Awdace Item all the rest of my goods Cattell and Chattells moveable and unmoveable undisposed of my debts paid and my funerall expences discharged I give unto my daughter Grace Awdace who I make sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament And in Testimony whereof (revokeing all other wills) that this is my last will and Testament I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare First above written Mathew Awdace his marke Witnesse hereof William Teynt Thomas Bransbie his marke John Wright his marke John Richardson. Proved 6 September 1659 by Grace Awdace, daughter of deceased. [PCC 457 Pell, FHL film #92,261]

Reference abbreviations

Hackness PRT = Charles Johnstone and Emily J. Hart, The register of the parish of Hackness, Co. York, 1557-1783 (Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 25).

Hutton Bushel PRT = Parish register transcripts of Hutton Bushel, co. York, FHL film #558,353.

PCC = Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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