John Andrews
of Farmington, Connecticut, d. ca. 1682.

The will of John Andrews Sr. of Farmington, dated 14 January 1681[/2], mentioned his wife Mary Andrews, son Benjamin Andrews, son John Andrews, son Abraham Andrews, son Daniel Andrews, son Joseph Andrews, grandchildren Thomas Barnes, John Andrews, Abraham Andrews, Daniel Andrews Ezekiel Buck, and Joseph Andrews (son of son John Andrews), daughter Mary Barnes, daughter Hannah Richards, and daughter Rachel Buck [for transcript, see Andrews Gen., 52-4]. On 18 November 1683, Mary Andrus/Andrews, widow and relict of John Andrews, made a deed of gift in which she mentions her children. Mentioned were her son John Andrews, son Abraham Andrus, son Daniel Andrus, son Joseph Andrus, son Benjamin Andrus, daughter Mary Brunson, daughter Hannah Richards, daughter Rachel Buck. She also gave five shillings to the two eldest daughters of each of her children, but the only grandchild named was Martha Andrus, daughter of Daniel Andrus [for transcript, see Andrews Gen., 54-5].

Date of birth or baptism: Unknown.
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of death or burial: after 14 January 1681[/2].
Place of death or burial: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Mary _____, d. after 18 November 1683.

["And on the same day, April 2, 1654, Mary Andrews, the wife of John Andrews, and her son Abraham Andrews, about the age of 6 years and 3 months, and Daniel Andrews, about the age of 3 years and 10 months, and Joseph Andrews, about the age of 2 years and 3 months, were joined to the Church." Farmington Records, 324; "And on the same 16th day of May, 1658, the children of John Andrews were baptized that were not above 13 years old, when their mother Mary Andrews did enter into covenant with the Church, viz: Mary in her fourteenth year, and John, about 13 years, and Hannah about 11 years." ibid, 326]

Mary Andrews, b. ca. 1644, bp. 16 May 1658;
m. (1) [Thomas] Barnes;
m. (2) _____ Bronson.

John Andrews, b. ca. 1645, bp. 16 May 1658;
m. _____.

Hannah Andrews, b. ca. 1647, bp. 16 May 1658;
Obadiah Richards, d. bef. 24 November 1702.

Abraham Andrews, b. ca. January 1647/8, bp. 2 April 1654;
m. ca. 1682, Sarah Porter.

Daniel Andrews, b. ca. June 1650, bp. 2 April 1654;
m. _____.

Joseph Andrews, b. ca. January 1651/2, bp. 2 April 1654;
m. Rebecca _____.

Rachel Andrews, bp. Farmington, 9 April 1654;
m. 18 March 167[4/?]5, Ezekiel Buck.

Stephen Andrews, bp. Farmington, 6 June 1656, not in father's will.

Benjamin Andrews, bp. 17 June 1659;
m. 26 May 1682, Mary Smith.

Reference abbreviations

Andrews Gen. = Alfred Andrews, Genealogical History of John and Mary Andrews, who settled in Farmington, Conn., 1640 (Chicago 1872).

Farmington Records = Nathaniel Goodwin & Daniel Goodwin, "Records of Farmington in Connecticut", New England Historical and Genealogical Register 11 (1857): 323-8.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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