Hannah Andrews
probable wife of Obadiah Richards of Farmington and Waterbury, Connecticut.

Hannah Richards was mentioned as a daughter in the will of John Andrews Sr. of Farmington, dated 14 January 1681[/2] [for transcript, see Andrews Gen., 52-4]. Hannah Richards was also mentioned as a daughter in a deed of gift by Mary Andrews on 18 November 1683 [for transcript, see Andrews Gen., 54-5]. This proves that Hannah Andrews, daughter of John and Mary Andrews, was married to a Richards. The husband of Hannah Andrews has generally been identified with Obadiah Williams of Farmington and Waterbury, who is known to have had a wife named Hannah. This identification is probable, but it would be nice to have more direct proof. On 4 June 1725, Mr. John Richards of Waterbury, son of the aged widow Hannah Richards, deceased, and Captain Ephraim Warner, son-in-law of the said deceased, came to court and asked for letters of administration of the estate of Hannah Richards, which were granted to Ephraim Warner.On 4 April 1727, the children of Hannah Richards were listed as John Richards, Thomas Richards, Mary Scot the widow, Hannah when living the wife of Scovill, Esther wife of Capt. Ephraim Warner, Elisabeth wife of Nathaniel Arnold, Sarah wife of David Scott, and Rachell wife of Jeremiah Peck. On 29 May 1727, the estate was distributed to John Richards, Mary Scot, the heirs of Hannah Scovill, Esther Warner wife of Dr. Ephraim Warner, Elisabeth Arnold wife of Nathaniel Arnold Sr., Sarah Scott widow of David Scott, Rachel Peck wife of Jeremiah Peck, and the heirs of Thomas Richards. [Woodbury, CT Probate Register 1: 33, FHL film #6,171] For the claim that Barnes was the maiden name of Hannah Richards, see the page of Obadiah Richards.

Date of birth: ca. 1647.
Date of baptism: 16 May 1658, ae. 11.
Place of baptism: Farmington.
[Farmington Records, 326]

Date of death: 1(?) April 1725.
Place of death: presumably Waterbury, CT.
"Waterbury July 15th 1725, The apprisal of the Estate of Hannah Richards the wife of Obediah Richards Senr. formerly deceased the Widow above sd. deceased, April 1t(?) last past" [Woodbury, CT Probate Register 1: 33, FHL film #6,171]

Father: John Andrews, d. aft. 14 January 1681[/2].
Mother: Mary _____, d. after 18 November 1683.

Probable spouse: Obadiah Richards, d. bef. 24 November 1702.

See the page of Obadiah Richards for more details.

John Richards, b. ca. 1667, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, ae 12, living 6 March 1715/6;
m. 17 August 1692, Mary Wellton, d. Waterbury, 21 July 1722.

Mary Richards, b. January 1669[/70], bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, living 6 March 1715/6
m. August 1691, George Scot.

Hannah Richards, b. November 1671, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, d. 6 March 1715/6 4 April 1727;
m. 6 February 1693[/4], John Scovell.

Esther Richards, b. June 1673, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, living 6 March 1715/6;
m. 16 August 1692, Ephraim Warner.

Elizabeth Richards, b. July 1675, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, d. 23 May 1750?;
m. Waterbuery, 13 January 1702/3,
John Richardson, b. 15 April 1672, d. 17 October 1712;
m. (2) Nathaniel Arnold.

Sarah Richards, b. April 1677, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, living 29 May 1727;
m. 10 November 1698, David Scott, d. bef. 29 May 1727.

Obadiah Richards, of Lyme, b. 1 October 1679, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, d. bef. 6 September 1720.

Rachel Richards, bp. Farmington, 6 May 1683, living 6 March 1715/6;
m. 14 June 1704, Jeremiah Peck.

Thomas Richards, bp. Farmington, 9 August 1685, living 6 March 1715/6;
prob. m. 24 December 1714, Hannah Upson (or Susannah Ubroson).

Benjamin Richards, bp. Farmington, 5 April 1691, d. bef. 2 August 1714.

Reference abbreviations

Andrews Gen. = Alfred Andrews, Genealogical History of John and Mary Andrews, who settled in Farmington, Conn., 1640 (Chicago 1872).

Farmington Records = Nathaniel Goodwin & Daniel Goodwin, "Records of Farmington in Connecticut", New England Historical and Genealogical Register 11 (1857): 323-8.

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