Patrick Agnew
of Kilwaughter, co. Antrim, Ireland, d. 1724.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of death: December 1724.
Place of death: Unknown.
There was a codicil to his will on 16 October 1724, and the will was proved on 9 July 1725 [see below]. The Belfast Register of Funderals lists the funeral of "Mr. Agnew of Kilwaughter, near Larne" under December 1724 [Cong. Mem., 56; also see ibid., 48].

Father: Patrick Agnew, of Kilwaughter.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Martha Houston, living 1 July 1724.
Martha is named in Patrick Agnew's will (below).

The children of Patrick Agnew are named in his will (below).

Margaret Agnew, living 19 June 1736;
James Crawford, of Ballysavage, co. Antrim, d. 173650.

William Agnew, of Kilwaughter, co. Antrim, d. 1 January 24 February 1776;
m. _____.
His will was dated 27 January 1775, with codicil on 1 January 1776, and proved 24 February 1776 (see below).

Francis Agnew, living 1 July 1724.

John Agnew, living 27 January 1775.
John was mentioned in the will of his brother William on 27 January 1775.

James Agnew, living 27 January 1775.
James was mentioned in the will of his brother William on 27 January 1775.

Patrick Agnew, living 1 July 1724.

Henry Agnew, living 1 July 1724, deceased 27 January 1775.
Henry was mentioned as deceased in the will of his brother William on 27 January 1775.

Hugh Agnew, living 1 July 1724.

The wills of Patrick Agnew and William Agnew do not survive, but abstracts were made of them before they were lost.

Abstract of will of Patrick Agnew of Kilwaughter, dated 1 July 1724, proved 9 July 1725.

Pre Will made 1 July 1724 Proved 9 July 1725
Patrick Agnew of Killwaughter in Glenarm barony co Antrim gent
- wife Martha Houston alias Agnew furniture crop &c & 40 yearly out of Killwaughter & Carnfenoch & their subdenominations in Glenarm barony co Antrim
- 10 to James Crawford of Ballysavage & Margaret his wife my eldest daughter
- all real estate to eldest son Wm Agnew subject to 1600 for younger children bequeathed to wife & said James Crawford & John Shaw of Ballytweedy & Wm m'Culloch of Piedmont all in co Antrim
- if issue male of son Wm fail then in succession to 2nd son Francis 3rd John 4th James 5th Patrick 6th Henry 7th Hugh then to right heirs of Wm
- Executors the trustees & 1st son Wm
- Witnesses James Woodside Robt Robinson James Hasgow
Codicil 4 July 1724
- lands are subject to a chief rent due to Earl of Antrim some lands are only leasehold
- 6 to sister Jean Agnew alias Ogilvie
- 5 to Rev Josias Clagston of Ballyloran county Antrim
- Witnesses He Johnston Robt Neilson Alex Nilson
Codicil 16 Oct 1724 details
- Witnesses Henry Shaw He Johnston Robt Robinson
- Probate to Wm Agnew saving rights of other executors
[Groves Mss., T808/54, FHL film #258,471]

Abstract of will of William Agnew of Kilwaughter, dated 27 January 1775, proved 24 February 1776.

Notes not exhaustive of Will proved in Irish Prerogative Court
Pre Will made 27 January 1775 Proved 24 Feb 1776
Codicil made 1 January 1776
William Agnew of Kilwaughter co Antrim esq
- grandson Edward Jones to take name of Agnew
- brothers James Agnew John Agnew
- deceased brother Henry Agnew
- nephew Wm Agnew of Belfast & latter's brother Edward Agnew
- nephews Wm Crawford & James Blair
- nephew Edward Agnew of Belfast
- Edward Harris left Testator as trustee for Harris's grandchildren Edward Wm Grace Sarah & Anne Agnew
- lands in Dublace barony
- lands in Ballyfatten in Strabane barony co Tyrone bought from Wm Hamilton of Eden
-lands of Kilwaughter Mullaghboy Ballymullock Carnfenog Ballyboley Linford Drainsboy Lisnahay Ballyrudden
- Wm Stewart of Killymoon co Tyrone & his son James Stew to be trustees for grandson Edward Jones
[Groves Mss., T808/59, FHL film #258,471]

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Cong. Mem. = Rev. Classon Porter, Congregational Memoirs (Larne, 1929).

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