Marriage certificate of William Baldwin and Mary Beakbaine

[From Lancaster Monthly Meeting records on Family History Library film number 584004]

Whereas Wiliam [1] Baldwin of Pendle Forrest & County of Lancaster Batchlor and Mary Beakbaine of Melling parish & County aforesaid Spinster having declared their Intentions of Marriage with each other before severall publick Meetings of the people of the people of God caled Quakers in the aforesaid County according to the good order used amongst them Whose proceedings therein after a deliberate Consideration thereof with Consent of Partyes Parents & relations Concerned was aproved of by the Meetings Now these are to Certifie all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their Intentions this twenty eight day of the ninth month & in the year according to the English account one Thousand seaven Hundred & ten They the said Wiliam Baldwin and Mary Beakbain apeared in a Solemn and Publick Assembly of the aforesaid people met together for that end and purpose in their publick Meeting-house att Yelland Conyers in the Parish of Warton & County aforesaid And in a Solemn Manner according to the Example of the holy men of God Recorded in the Scriptures of Truth he the said Wiliam Baldwin taking the said Mary Beakbaine by the Hand did openly declare as followeth vizt. In this Solemn Assembly do I Wiliam Baldwin take this my friend Mary Beakbaine to be my wife promising through divine assistance to be to her a true faithfull & Loving Husband till death Seperate us And then and there in the said assembly the said Mary Beakbaine did in like manner openly declare as followeth vizt. In this Assembly do I Mary Beakbaine take my friend William Baldwin to be my husband promising through divine assistance to be to him a Loving and Obedient Wife till death separate us And the said William Baldwen and the aforesaid Mary according to the Law and Custom of Marriage now Mary Baldwin as a further Confirmation thereof did then and there to these presents set there hands and we whose names are hereunto subscribed being present among severall others at the solemnizing of their said Marriage in manner and Subscription aforesaid as witnesses hereunto have also set our hands the Day Hearabove Written
Wiliam Baldwin, Mary Baldwin [2]

[Left column of three] Thomas Beakbaine, Robert Beakbaine, Thomas Beakbaine, James Satterthwait, Thomas Wither, Thomas Jackson, George Robinson, William Waithman, William Kyppax, William Armistead, William Skirrow, Frances Glover, Thomas Bateson, Joseph Whalley, John Jackson, John Ecroyd

[Middle column of three] John Backhouse, Thomas Pearson, Joseph Bespham, Edmond Garnett, [horizontal line separating the men and women signers], Elizebeth Baldwin, Margaret Beakbaine, Margaret Adamthwait, Ann Cumings, Sarah Cumings, Mary Huberslie, Alice Hugginson, Hannah Bespham, Mary Glover

[Right column of three, under the signatures of the bride and groom] [3] Esther Skirrow, Anne Moore, Eleanor Moore, Sarah Jackson, Mary Jackson, Alice Pearson, Elizebeth Jackson, Elizebeth Robinson, Edith Mokeson, “& others”

[1] The name is spelled “Wiliam” on several occasions in the certificate. In addition, “Baldwin” is spelled “Baldwen” on one occasion, and the final “e” in “Beakbaine” is left off in one place.
[2] Signed at the top of the right column, in the customary place.
[3] Although a common practice of Quakers in Pennsylvania was to have relatives sign in this column, this is not the case here. The usual practice in Lancashire at this time appears to have been for the men and women to sign in two separate lists, with relatives tending to sign first (although a few examples of a separate relatives list, explicitly labelled as such, are known from Lancashire Quaker records). For a detailed discussion of this practice, see my article “Quaker Marriage Certificates: Using Witness Lists in Genealogical Research,” in The American Genealogist [TAG] 72 (1997), 225-43.

[Transcribed by Stewart Baldwin. For an explanation of the editorial conventions used in transcribing this document, click here.]