Certificate of removal of William Baldwin

[From a book of removal certificates in Falls Monthly Meeting records on Family History Library [FHL] film number 20710. The manuscript is decayed and unreadable in a few places, and those readings have been added [in brackets] from a later copy (not always accurate) which appears in Middletown Monthly Meeting records on FHL film number 388585.]

To our friends of the Monthly meeting in Pennsylvania <in America> where our friend William Balwin may settle or to Whom Else it may Concerne Greeting

Whereas our welbeloved William Balwin hath laid before us this meeting his intentions of removeing Himselfe & family into Pensylvania, These may certifie you, that wee acknowledg and recommend him him unto you to be an approved Minnister of the Gospel among us & in Unity with friends & bretheren in faith & Doctrine as also in the Dissipline and goverment of the Church Whose labour therein hath been approved not only amongst you but also in England Scotland and Ireland and Whose life and Conversation Doth answare the same, But concerning his Removal wee must acknowledg that wee are not so fully satisfied as we Could have wished to have bee[n] upon the removall [o]f such [an esteemed minister] not only upon account of his aged parents whom he leaves alone as also of the parents of his Dear wife that are aged also, but also upon our own and his wives account There have not been such a Closure with his Inclinations as was desired, Notwithstanding wee do leave him to the Lord with Prayer unto him that this Removal might tend to his glory and this our friend and his wifes satisfaction in their future servis. And whereas mary Balwen his wife hath Likewise Informed us of her willingness and freedom in Condesention to her husband to Remove with him wee Likewise Certifie you that shee is an honest prudent & truely virtuous woman whom wee love and Esteem, whose Conversation hath been as becomes her profession & ornamental to her post & station & as such wee recommend her unto you, Desireing that the Lord may be her support in all her Exe[r]ciesess and remain you Friends in the Felowship of the Gospel w ith unfeigned Love to you all

Signed on the behalf & by appointment of this our monthly meeting held by a[d]jo[u]r[n]ment at Trawden the 7th day of the first month 1713/14
[Note: The above passage covers only the left 2/3 of the page, above the left and middle columns of witnesses, and the rightmost column of witnesses starts to the right of this passage, roughly level with the word “signed”.]

[Left column of three ] James Topper, David Davis, Henry Vipan, John Brtwhisle(?), John Ecroyd, William Sagar, William Atkinson, Joseph Whal<e>y seneor

[Middle column of three ] James Bancroft, Anthony Baldwin, Roger Hartley, Joseph Whalley, James Parkinson, James Atkinson, William Oddy, Robert Duckworth

[Right column of three ] John Balwin, Briget Balwin, Mary Bancroft, Hannah Walley, Martha Parkinson, Margret Baldwin, Jane Haughton, Elizabeth Parkinson, Lydia man

[Transcribed by Stewart Baldwin. For an explanation of the editorial conventions used in transcribing this document, click here.]