Marriage certificate of John “Boldwin” and Ann Scott

[From records of the Falls Monthly Meeting, on Family History Library film number 20459]

Whereas John Boldwin of the Township [of] Makefield in the County of bucks and Province of Pensilvania weaver & ann Sco<tt> of the tow<n> county and Province aforesaid Spinster having intentions of marriage With each other before several Monthly <[M]eetings> of the People of god Called Quakers in the County of Bucks aforesaid according to the Good order used among them Whose Proseedings there in after a deliberate considera<tion> and having concent of Ralations and par<tie[s]> Concerned nothing appearing to obstruct was approved of by the Said meetings Now these are to Certifie all whom it <may> concern that afore the full accomplishment of there said intentions this eighth day of the twelfth month in the Year of our Lord one Thousan[d] Seven hundred and Seven the said John Boldwin & ann Scott appeared in a Publick Meeting of the aforesaid People at there usual Meetting house in the falls Township and County aforesaid and the Said John Boldwin taking the said Ann Scott by the hand did in a Solemn Manner openly declare that he took her to be his Wife promising to be unto her a true and Loving husband untill death Should Seperate them and then and their in the said assembly She the Said <Ann> did in Like manner openly Declare that Shee took the Said John Boldwin to be her husband P[r]omising to be unto him a faithfull Wife untill death Should Saperate them (and Moreover the said John Boldwin an[d] Ann Scott (She according to the Custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband as further Confirmation theirof) did then and there to to these Presents Sett there hands) [1] & we whose names are hereunder Subscribed being amongst others at the Solemnization of the Said marriage & Sub<scription> have allso Like these p[re]sants sett our hands the day and year above written
John Boldwin, Ann Boldwin [2]

[Left column of three] Abel Janney, William Russell, William Atkinson, William Shewe[n?], Aron Pearson, Francis Hague, John Fisher, [Katherine?] Haire, Thomas D[uc?]e, Mary Clough, Elin D[uc?]e

[Middle column of three] William Biles, Robert Heaton, Jos[hua?][3] Chesman, Thomas Bye, Gabriel Baynes, Samuell Baker, John Brock, John Jackson, Richard Hough, Margaret Atkinson, Rachel Janney

[Right column of three, under the signatures of bride and groom][4] John Whittaker, [5] Jane Whittaker, [6] William Hayhurst, John Hayhurst, Alice Hayhurst, [7] Grace Heaton, [8] Margaret Stackho<use>, [9] Jane Biles [10]

[1] Neither of these two right parentheses are present in the manuscript, but context would put them in the places indicated.
[2] Signed in the customary place, at the head of the right column.
[3] “Jos” followed by a superscripted “a”. Perhaps Josiah instead.
[4] See my article “Quaker Marriage Certificates: Using Witness Lists in Genealogical Research”, in The American Genealogist [TAG] 72 (1997), 225-43. The usual practice was for relatives to sign in this column, and this seems to be the case here. Comments on the relationship (if known) of the signers in this column will be given in the following footnotes.
[5] Stepfather of the bride. See the next note.
[6] Mother of the bride. She was born Jane Bond, daughter of Thomas and Ann (Parker) Bond, and was mother of the bride by her first husband John Scott. See the Harry Hollingsworth, “John Scott of the Hill in Yorkshire”, in TAG 54 (1978), 19-24.
[7] These Hayhursts appear to have been related to either the Scotts or the Bonds. The most likely connection is that Isabel, wife of John Scott of Longhamrow in Yorkshire, and paternal grandmother of the bride, may have been the same person as Isabel Hairst/Hayhurst, sister of the two early Quaker immigrants to Pennsylvania, Cuthbert and William Hairst/Hayhurst. However, this possible connection has not been proven.
[8] Grace (Pearson) Heaton, wife of Robert Heaton, and daughter of Thomas and Grace (Veepon) Pearson. Before her marriage, as Grace Pearson Jr., she (and both of her parents and other relatives) had also signed the marriage certificate of John Baldwin’s first marriage to Jennet Hartley. She was a cousin of John Baldwin’s first wife Jennet (whose mother was also a Veepon).
[9] Her husband Thomas Stackhouse had been previously married to a Hayhurst.
[10] Her maiden name was Bond, so she was an apparent relative of the bride’s mother, but the exact connection is unknown.

[Transcribed by Stewart Baldwin. For an explanation of the editorial conventions used in transcribing this document, click here.]