Marriage record of John Baldwin and Jennet Hartley

The marriage of John Baldwen/Baldwin and Jennet Hartley/Heartley was recorded in two different record books, with minor differences in the information given and the lists of witnesses. Comparing the wording of the two records, and the order of the witnesses, it seems extremely unlikely that either of these records was copied from the other, and both may have been copied from the original marriage certificate. For purposes of comparison, both versions are transcribed here.

From the records of the Marsden Monthly Meeting: [1]

John Baldwen of Wheatley in Pendle in the County of Lancaster Batchlour & Jennet Heartley of Chamber in little Marsden in the said County Spinster tooke each other in marriage in a publick assembly met together for that purpose in the house of Roger Heartley of Aldershurst in the Forrest of Trawden & County Aforesaid the 11th of the 12mo 1696 in the presence of Roger Heartley Senior John Baldwen Roger Heartley junior Roger Heartley junior[2] Henry Heartley Ellen Heartley John Veepon senior Henry Veepon Edward Veepon Thomas Pearson Grace Pearson John Veepon junior Grace Pearson junior Richard Core John Ecroyd with others

From the records of the Lancaster Quarterly Meeting: [3]

John Baldwen of the Forrest of Pendle & countey of Lancaster Batchelor & Jenet Hartley of litle Marsden in the said Countey spinster took each other in marriage in a publick Assembly mett together for that end in the house of Roger Hartley of Marsden afores aid of the Forrest of Trawden & countey of Lancaster on the eleaventh day of the twelfth month Anno Domini - - 1696 in the presence of
[Left column ] Roger Hartley senior, William Baldwen, Roger Hartley junior, Roger Hartley, Henry Hartley, Ellen Hartley, Richard Core, John Ecroyd
[Right column ] John Veepon senior, Henry Veepon, Edward Veepon, Thomas Pearson, Grace Pearson senior, John Veepon junior, Grace Pearson junior, Anthony Baldwen, Margaret Hudson, Mary Whalley

[1] Available on Family History Library [FHL] film number 817371.
[2] Three men named Roger H[e]artley signed this marriage certificate, and it appears that the designation of junior, which was not present in the Lancaster QM copy, was accidently inserted here by mistake. These three Roger Hartleys were the bride’s father (Roger Sr.), the bride’s brother (Roger Jr.), and the bride’s brother-in-law (husband of her sister Ellen), the marriage taking place at the home of the last of these three. The name Hartley was extremely common in the area.
[3] FHL film number 583995.

[Transcribed by Stewart Baldwin. For an explanation of the editorial conventions used in transcribing this document, click here.]