Marriage record of James Topper and Elizabeth Baldwen

[From Marsden Monthly Meeting records on Family History Library film number 817371. The same marriage is also recorded in the records of the Lancaster Quarterly Meeting on FHL film number 583995, with only minor differences.]

James Topper of litle Marsden in the Countey of Lancaster weaver & Elizabeth Baldwen of Pendle in the said Countey spinster did take each other in marriage in a publick meeting of the people called Quakers mett together for that end in the publick meeting house of the said people at Masrden height in the said Countey upon the twenty fifth day of the fourth month in the year one thousand seaven hundred & twelve in the presence of James Topper senior John Baldwen William Topper Charles Topper John Topper William Baldwen Mary Baldwen Elizabeth Dugdale Anne Watson Anne Parkinson Margaret Watson Anne Dugdale John Riddihaulgh John Barret John Ecroyd William Sagar Ellene Sagar Joseph Whaley senior with many others

[Transcribed by Stewart Baldwin. For an explanation of the editorial conventions used in transcribing this document, click here.]